Forever A Fan Of Athleisure

I will forever be a fan of the ATHLEISURE look. I know it seems like I talk about it A LOT. But when I saw that this brand Lime Ricki added a few athleisure type pieces to their swimwear, I was all over it! I thought this outfit was especially good because it actually covered everything and still looked sporty!

My TOP is HERE and my PANTS are HERE!

This is one of my favorite Athleisure looks I’ve ever put together. The pants are TOTALLY yoga pants, but when I put the white pumps with them….the contrast was adorable! I got so many compliments on this look!

This is navy and so for me that just says summer, even though it’s long sleeved. And what about the skirt??? Isn’t it adorable? And this dress would be so cute with some white sneakers, or any color sneakers for that matter! Think bright pops of color in all of your accessories!

Anyway…..I wanted to share some ATHLEISURE looks with you today that are ALL ON SALE! Tis the season for great SALES! And this stuff can be expensive, so now would be a great time to STOCK UP! Be confident in styling them for EVERY DAY! This way you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth!


This first look is so laid back and fun with the zig-zag stripe going down the side! I loved it with the bright red sneakers. If you want to be more covered, I would add a simple white tee underneath!


Aren’t these leggings cute? These are just the kind I like to wear everywhere BUT the gym!!!!! And I love the color of these sneakers….on sale to!


And then there’s all my favorite colors popping here and there and everywhere! All of this is so good. I’ve paired it with some casual slides to make it look NOT so gym looking! I would totally where this through the airport traveling! Comfy and yet still fun!

So yes….I’ll always and forever be a fan of ATHLEISURE style!!!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Forever A Fan Of Athleisure

  1. Hey Shauna, I love the leggings and pullover in this cute. But when I go to the website the stripe on the top is in the front. Did you just turn it around or is it an either or option?



    1. Ha Pam… noticed!!!! YES I WORE IT BACKWARDS!!!!! I just sort of liked it better that way, but either works!!! XOXO

      1. Hey Shauna, would you mind if i asked what size leggings n top your wearing from Lime Ricki? I’m 4″11, 110 lbs. and a little on the busty side. I feel you’re a smaller person with a similar body size. Sometimes getting a shirt to fit the bust and arm length can be a challenging.


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