My Modusrio Fashion

When it comes to purses… MODUSRIO fashion comes to mind first! Do you have winter purses and summer purses….even spring purses and fall purses??? Being the fashionista that I am, I for sure do! And my MODUSRIO pieces are some of my favorite! I used my Modusrio clutch here in Baja, and I LOVE it as well!

Some of my FAVORITE MAXI SKIRTS right now….so girly and cute!

The Lauren flap bag can be found right here. The structured design is super classy and lady-like! Made of linen and leather and comes with a shoulder strap as well. That option is always GREAT! I love mixing my look up, and so I have added my favorite athleisure pants, graphic sweatshirt, and some white pumps! The trim on this purse is navy and again you can find it right here. BY THE WAY….if you use the code Shauna20 you will get a 20% discount! What a FABULOUS offer from Modusrio!

The purse just above in the flowers, is called the Michelle Tote. It’s made with linen mixed with the leather as well, with the option of folding the sides in with a buckle. The size is great, with just enough smaller inside pockets for lipgloss and glasses. I love the Michelle for traveling. It holds a water bottle, magazine, a snack, and a scarf….along with all your other necessities! It is such a great one for spring and summer with the white trim!

So you can see I’m a fan of Modusrio purses and love my Modusrio fashion. They won’t break your bank account, the quality is outstanding, and they most definitely are very versatile. Just exactly what I like to have in a purse! I hope you take advantage of the 20% off offer using Shauna20! This is good for ANYTHING on their site!

My sunglasses in the first pictures are from PRADA, and I’ve just discovered that a lot of them are ON SALE right now! You can see them here! I LOVE this designer and this sale is CRAZY GOOD! I may just need to go shopping myself!

Shauna XO

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  1. I sure enjoyed your sight and positive thoughts and actions. I love fashion. I’m 62 and ornery. I need help dressing?

    1. Hi Sharon….I think we ALL NEED HELP DRESSING from time to time!!!!!! XOXO

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