Crops Or No Crops?

Crops or no crops friends? This is always a debate out in the fashion world, and honestly I go back and forth with whether or not they are flattering. And with so many dilemmas when it comes to fashion, I am one to always say, “It just depends.” This style can look so VOGUE if you know how to do it right!

I shopped my closet for this look. A very similar look is here below!

There are so many rules from the FASHION GODS out there about the cropped look. I’m just saying….remember Audrey Hepburn? She is my fashion icon and wore them with such class. When I think of her, I think of crops! Doesn’t she look beautiful?

So these are the things I would tell women about their crops…..

DO wear them with a bit of a heel. DO make sure they fit appropriately, even if they’re supposed to be a bit slouchy, still make sure they fit slouchy good! DO choose a slimmer cut, like Audrey’s above! An alterations lady can help you with this, and it can make such a DIFFERENCE. DO wear flat-front crops. They’ll be more flattering and slimming. DO wear your tops tucked in! This will bring the look in for you and make you look longer. DO wear crops with a high-waist. They too will help your legs look longer.

Now for the DON’TS……

DON’T wear loud large prints. A solid color will look more slimming, but if you want a print, stick to a smaller scale. DON’T wear or at least watch the drawstring waist. This can be very tricky and make you look two sizes bigger. And….they can look frumpy too. And DON’T buy them if the fabric is too thick. They’ll be stiff and won’t move and just add bulk!

I’ve styled some for you here. It should give you an idea of what I’m talking about. The first look is sort of an earthy one with the color scheme and boho top. The red band on the hat adds a fun pop of color to the whole look!

I LOVE these red cropped pants….and they are ON SALE! They will be traveling with me this upcoming weekend to California! Pair them with a tee, and these fun sneakers with some lift to them. It makes a darling weekend outfit!

These skinny crops can so easily be worn dressed up or down. I’ve styled them here in kind of and in-between way. Not necessarily dressed down, but not way up either. You could however, add a blazer to this look and it would for sure bring it up a notch! Such cute crops!

I think the cropped look will always work IF you know how to style them. Follow these guidelines, and I think you’ll be able to figure out what works for you!

Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “Crops Or No Crops?

  1. Thank you for just sending it with Dos and Donts and photos. It’s really helpful when I’m standing in front of the mirror going hmmmmm.

    I’m almost 5’11” and wear a size 6 and I sometimes think I can ‘get away’ with things shorter ladies can’t.

    I just bought a pair of Gap, high rise, wide leg, beige cropped jeans. They’re waaaaay different than what I usually wear (skinny, ankle length or floor length wide leg jeans). I haven’t ripped the tags off just yet though!

    I also bought a high rise straightish leg cropped pair and I’m thinking they’re a little safer than the really wide leg.

    Thank you for helping us all feel a little better heading out the door! Shannon

    1. Shannon….THANK YOU for stopping by!!!! How lucky that you’re so tall…..but you probably (like me) don’t like being what you are. Does that make sense……curly hair we want straight, short and we want tall, etc.!!!!! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WEEK! XO

  2. I do appreciate all the info. you are so right, tricky is the word for these crops. As much as a quarter of an inch on the hem, can mean the difference between OH YES and OH NO NO NO. LOL

  3. Personally, I’m not a big fan of crops. I’m 5’9″ tall and long waisted. I think crops chop off my legs and are not flattering. I prefer a slimmer ankle pant or jean. I agree that they can be tricky!

  4. I like them in the summer, but they are always slim cut. I wear with a ballet flat. I sent my wider cut, winter version, down the road. I just could not make them work for me. I, too, prefer an ankle cut.

    1. Kathy….the most important thing is that YOU have figured out what works for YOU! That’s a huge PLUS! XOXO

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