Red Pants Styled Three Ways

As we are fast approaching summer, and I’m slowly putting away my jeans and wearing more RED PANTS!!!!!!! I think I must get a new pair of RED PANTS every spring or summer. And these are so ADORABLE. They really are meant to be cropped, but for me you see they hit me right at the ankle. I haven’t ever minded that, in fact I like it better on me because I think it makes me look taller. But aren’t the red buttons up the leg the cutest? I traveled with these to Sonoma California on a girlfriends trip this past weekend, and they packed up really nice without any problem with wrinkles.

Do you wear a lot of jeans in the summer and hotter months? I’m just finding that more and more, I don’t. A pant like this one, or a skirt, just something loose and flowy is much more comfortable. These are made of rayon, linen, and some spandex. They also come in a “natural” color as well. And listen to this friends……you can wash them AT HOME! This is a big plus for me because you know those dry-cleaning bills can get expensive!

Here’s how I would STYLE these RED PANTS three ways!

This cute little top is adorable! I would also wear it with jean shorts or white pants, a pencil skirt too! Add these fun espadrilles (they come in four colors and either the blue or the neutral ones would work) add some fun accessories and this outfit is perfect for meeting up with your girlfriends for lunch and shopping.

Styling these red pants for the office I would wear THIS top, and don’t worry it comes in white and I prefer that better with the pants and this jacket. This would look really sharp and polished. I would add some conservative pumps (these heels are 40% off right now and I consider them a basic) and a nice structured bag to finish it off.

Lastly I always need to know how I can style them very laidback and casual!!!! It may be my favorite way! I absolutely would go for the graphic tee for my first choice! JCrew has the best ones I think, right here. Wear your sneakers, a fab hat, sunnies, and scarf and you’re ready for the weekend!

And that’s how I would style red pants three ways!!!!!!! Have a great week everyone!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Red Pants Styled Three Ways

  1. I wear white jeans in the summer. But I am like you, other fabrics are more comfortable when the weather warms up.

    1. Kathy yes it’s true! That’s one reason I LOVE dresses so much in the summer! Happy SPRING and SUMMER! XO

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