When You Find The Perfect Jeans…

When you find the perfect jeans….you must share! And I believe these are! I know I blog a lot about jeans. The reason is because that’s what I wear the most, and I find that I can style them to wear almost any way I need. Do you ever struggle with finding that just right pair? Some that will go with heels as well as flats without hemming or cuffing them? For sure I do….almost always. They either go with flats and not heels, or heels and not flats. I just think it’s super hard to get everything you want in a jean, in one pair!

These however are different! First the comfort is tops because they have just the right amount of give to them. They hold their shape beautifully even after wearing them multiple times! The silhouette with the high-rise and flared leg is ultra flattering! The wash isn’t too dark and isn’t too light! The frayed edge says they are current, and everything else in-between! But the length on me was just right! Here I’m wearing them with flats, but with heels they work too!

And then this cute top! A lot of tops like this with the statement sleeves are really bare underneath. They are often cut too low for me. But this top is just like a tee around the armhole area! It keeps everything covered up! It’s so summery and girly. Can you see the yellow stitching along the ruffled sleeve? It’s super cute!

This is how I would style both of them as individual pieces! Both such fun staples for your spring and summer wardrobes! You’ll be seeing me in these over and over again, I’m sure of it!

First the JEANS…..

This cute green short sleeved sweater is ideal for tucking in to these jeans. Always TUCK when wearing this style! Add a cute scarf and fun earrings for some pizazz! Remember the scarf could be worn in your hair, around your neck, or tied around your wrist like a bracelet! And what about these fabulous NEUTRAL (so they’ll go with almost anything) shoes???

This is how I would wear them to a business meeting or possibly to the office on a Friday. The blazer is FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE this one! So fun! Just add a conservative button-down underneath and simple earrings to keep it polished. These shoes are on the most RIDICULOUS AMAZING SALE right now! Such a DEAL!

And now this top……

This skirt is A-DORABLE! And such a cute one to wear with this top with the yellow detailed stitching! The pinkish neutral accessories keep it light and spring-like! The sunglasses are so reasonably priced, I love this brand!

And of course there’s always the casual but STILL FUN way to style this adorable white tee. The palm print pants are SO good. I LOVE the cropped wide-leg! Wear a pop of color on your feet, and these beaded earrings are so FAB! They just might be in my shopping cart!

Anthropologie is having a SALE this weekend for Mother’s Day. Also CHICOS is have a 40% off your purchase sale as well. Always such a fun treat! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY weekend everyone!

Shauna XO