Don’t Ever Let Plaid Hold You Back

Friends….. don’t ever let PLAID hold you back! Not even for a second! I think out of any pattern, plaid is what most people are afraid of wearing. It’s bold and loud and super easy to back away from. I’ve always had a love for plaid, and it seems like mostly in the pants department!

I wanted to talk about these pants specifically and give you some pointers in how to style them. Even though they may look “young”, anyone can wear them. If you are middle-aged don’t say, “I wouldn’t ever be able to wear these!” A younger girl would perhaps style them with some funky motorcycle boots, a big baggy sweatshirt or tee, and some very wild jewelry. I’ll show you below, how I (at sixty-one) would style them so they are age appropriate.

As a much more “mature” woman, I will let the plaid stand alone and be the main attraction. Everything I have on with these, are on the simple side. A basic sweater, simple white booties, and not overdone on the jewelry. You could style these so many ways… either dressed up sophisticated or dressed down laidback. Either way fun, and either way age appropriate!

Here are some fabulous ideas for you to see the potential of these these fun plaid pants!!!!


I think this may be THE CUTEST way to wear these plaid pants. I’ve thought about JUXTAPOSITION here, with the polished blazer paired with sneakers. I’ve added this darling lavender tee, and again very simple jewelry. You could take this same look and add a pair of pumps or high sandals and change the shirt out to a button-down type, and you’ll be dressed up in an instant!


This look is adorable with this frilly white girly top. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it with the classic blue pumps. See again how everything else is fairly simple. This cute bag comes in white as well. It makes for such a fun accessory for spring and summer.


I had to style this plaid at least one way with denim, and I loved the short sleeve version of this shirt. It’s extremely budget-friendly and WOULD look cute with any of your jeans as well. Denim on denim is a great look right now! I’ve got some great little white sandals with it along with a great looking hat and sunnies. This is all spring/summer right here!

So do you see the possibilities in these plaid pants like I see them? Now after you’ve seen all the different ways to style PLAID, I hope that you don’t EVER let plaid hold you back!

Shauna XO

I just realized that I’ve just recently blogged about the whole plaid pants idea right here. I guess it just goes to show you how much I LOVE THEM!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Let Plaid Hold You Back

  1. Shauna, I think you are spot-on in your comments about “plaid phobia.” Part of my reluctance in wearing plaids is that many manufacturers do not match their plaids at the seams. Nice to see Anthropologie does with the pair your wearing.

    1. Frances thank you for stopping by! Yes I think you’re right about that. Many times I will get something and wear it for a couple of hours, noticing in mirrors and such, how they look. And for sure they’ll look much better with the two matching up! Thanks for your thoughts! XOXO

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