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I have an idea for all of you…… you should SHOW YOUR AGE! What exactly does that mean anyway? Do you feel like the world’s idea of AGE is IMPOSSIBLE??? Everyone is telling us to look YOUNGER. Act YOUNGER. Be YOUNGER. Think YOUNGER. Dress YOUNGER. Why? Why can’t you just be you? I LOVE to feel HEALTHY. Being healthy is my goal, which in turn will help me feel MY BEST!

Our culture has a tendency to make us feel bad for showing our age. In fact, since I’ve been blogging, I’ve had other bloggers tell me that they don’t like to let brands know how old they are, for fear of NOT getting a job. Do you know what I say to that? Pfffffft. That’s no good! I LOVE to tell people my age! SIXTY-ONE YEARS OLD and PROUD of it! I wrote a bit about this in my BIRTHDAY BLOG here. The beauty industry’s standards send a very clear message especially to women…… LOOK YOUNGER!

We are programmed to think that the signs of aging that we will all see, are a bad thing. These are totally wrong and WE need to REFRESH the worlds thinking! We need to redefine what AGE is! These ideas of lines, and silver hair, and loose skin being unattractive need to be squashed! We need to SAY NO to the narrative out there and start SHOWING OUR AGE! It’s ok and it’s beautiful! I remember thinking as a very young girl, how striking it was to see a lady at midlife with that white, silverish hair! Those impressions are probably why I feel so confident with my signature platinum pixie!

This campaign with HAIR BIOLOGY, Show Your Age, is meant to shift the focus back to women at midlife as being confident and beautiful in all ways. We should all be proud of every single year that we’ve lived. We have experience and grit and knowledge like you just don’t have when you’re younger. We should embrace that and have more of a mindset of….. ROCKIN THE AGES and AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!

SHOW YOUR AGE WITH HAIR BIOLOGY! You can shop their products at Target right here!

Shauna XO

17 thoughts on “SHOW YOUR AGE

  1. I’m 61 and I needed to hear this. I’m working to change my mindset. Thank you for empowering me today.

    1. Hi Holly!!! I’m SO HAPPY that you’ve found some EMPOWERMENT here! Thank you SO MUCH! I feel like no matter my age, I still in many ways feel like I’m 25! I hope you are well and TRULY ENJOYING this time in your life!!!! Take care girl! XO

      1. Hi Shauna ! I found your blog while looking for a pixie cut ! I’ve wanted to change my image for a while now and I’m finally doing it . I’m 54 and I feel amazing and also I’m always telling people my age . I think I’m blessed to have lived to my age and I’m looking forward to some more amazing years to come . Thank you for writing so honestly ageing is a topic I don’t think a lot of people write about honestly so thank you!

        1. Hi Sonia! Thank you so much for your comment! AGING truly is a beautiful thing. I wish more women would see it that way, and be proud of the number thing. Age is just a number, but a number to be proud of! We can have such a positive impact on the younger generation!!!!! Hope to hear from you soon! XO

  2. Thanks for these words! I turn 60 in August and extremely grateful for reaching that age! You look absolutely awesome!

    1. Hi Shauna! I’m a fairly new follower. You have inspired me so much! I’m 5 ft 2 and half inch tall and I’m 57. I love your style and you’ve given me so many ideas! Love them all!! 😍.
      I too am not afraid of telling my age! Growing old is a gift!!
      Love your posts!!! 😍💕

      1. Hi Joanne….. welcome to CHIC OVER 50!!! I’m so happy to hear from you! GROWING OLD TRULY IS A GIFT! I’m so glad you see it that way too! We have SO MUCH TO OFFER! Hope to hear from you soon, and have a wonderful week! XO

    2. Hi Lori…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY in August!!!! You’re just a year behind me! It sounds like you’ve embraced your age and experience and beauty! We need more like YOU! XO

  3. You are an inspiration to many of us ! I too am 61 and counting my blessings every day. A positive attitude, gratitude and having a healthy lifestyle effects every part of my life. Glad to hear you are doing the same

    1. Hey D! You are SO KIND, thank you very much! There’s so much to be grateful for with the aging process! We have such an impact on our peers, our families, and so many we don’t even know about. We need to all ROCK and OWN our age and be the best we can be! Take care girl! XO

  4. Bravo, Shauna, for your wonderful blog “Show Your Age.” I am 66, and also have no problem telling people my age. Like a fine wine, as we mature we only get better!

    1. Frances that is SO TRUE! We need to take hold of who we are AT ANY AGE and embrace it! Hope you are well and happy and remember….. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!!!!!!!! But a number to be proud of! XO

  5. Hi Shauna, I totally agree with you age is just a number! I enjoy my life and don’ t let a number identify me.

    1. Barbara…. kuddos to you! It sounds like you are LOVING WHO YOU ARE and I’m sure a bright light to others!!!!! Take care girl! XO

  6. My girls and I really do like these products. What I love is that it’s affordable and from Target. Win win.

    1. Cheryl YES!!! I LOVE how easy they are to shop for too! It’s a brand that’s DEFINITELY WINNING!!!! Have a wonderful week girlfriend! XO

  7. Hello Shauna, I have been following you for a year plus..I will be 65 this June…I feel way younger than most…I love my BoHo look and my hair is similar to yours…Love reading your posts..Keep them comung and Congrats on your marrige….so happy for you both and the family…

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