Are You Afraid Of Plaid Pants?

Ladies…. are YOU afraid of PLAID PANTS? If I were to take a wild guess, I would say MOST women would stay away from them, especially bold ones like these. Would you wear them?

For some reason I’ve always LOVED them. I think they are the cutest out on the golf course! But I loved them this way with an oversized thick sweater and sneakers. I live in the desert and so it’s pretty dry here. No snow in the winter and very little rain, so I can get away with just sneakers. I think this is the perfect winter look if you live in a warmer, dryer climate. But….. if I lived in a snowy and wet climate, I would just add some high boots with this plaid.

Just a side note about my SNEAKERS I’m wearing above. They are here. Use code CHICOVER5015 for 15% discount on anything on their site. LOVE LOVE these shoes! They are specifically made for women at midlife, and have been worn by the royals! And….. SUPER COMFY too!

I wore these pants right here, with a simple tee. They have been some of my favorite go-to pants for many things. I think a lot of you out there would think that plaid isn’t versatile. But it can be very much so. You can dress it up, dress it down very easily. The options are pretty much endless! And I think EVERYONE can wear it…. the key would be FIT and maybe the scale of the plaid print!

Below are some great ways to wear plaid pants. I have a little bit of everything here. I usually keep everything else pretty simple when styling plaid. But you could actually have a lot of fun and do some pattern mixing for some SUPER SASS!


I LOVE these plaid joggers. They have some spandex in them so would probably fit super good! The stripe down the side is ADORABLE! I’ve linked up several shoe choices and ANY would look great. Just depends on where you’ll be going! I kind of like the SNEAKERS the best! CUTE!


This wide leg might be trickier to feel good in. But the plaid is smaller and tighter and with the right top and shoes (I would wear heels), I think ANYONE could pull this off! I liked it with the sweatshirt (make sure it’s fitted) and heels. This cute little denim shirt is darling underneath with the ruffle detail. A fun twist on the denim shirt! The booties are ON SALE right now and a BASIC!


And lastly these plaid pants are first FUN, and second skinny and with the high-waist will make your legs appear longer. I’m all in for that! They would be fun through the summer with a basic white tee! Out of all three looks, THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE! Another thing I want to mention with these pants, is that you can make them as funky or plain as you want depending on what you put with it. Below is an example! Pair them with a basic white button-down shirt, blazer, and flats.


So….. are you afraid of PLAID PANTS now? I hope that these ideas have given you some new ideas to try! It can be such a fun pattern to play with!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “Are You Afraid Of Plaid Pants?

  1. Love your pale blue sweater, the whole look is comfy, cozy yet so chic. I am mad for plaid! I have plaid dress pants and leggings and my favorite look is with a basic turtleneck sweater. The last compliment I received when I wore my plaid ponte knit dress pants and black turtleneck sweater was that I looked like I should be in front of a fire place at a ski resort fresh off the slopes. We are in a deep freeze here in Iowa so the whole fireplace thing sounds amazing!!!

    1. You look very cute in the plaid pants. I avoid plaid pants, but love snakeskin or a print pant. I do have two plaid skirts I like, put have not had the occasion to wear lately.

      1. Kathy…. what keeps you from wearing the plaid pants? I’m so curious to know! ANY plaid is fun though…. skirts or dresses! The snakeskin is GREAT too! I love it all! HOPEFULLY we can get dressed up soon! Thank you for your comment! XOXO

    2. Michelle….. I LOVE LOVE plaid too with a turtleneck. In fact one of the very first pics my new husband took of me was in red plaid Christmas pants and a black turtleneck! You STAY WARM girl and have some hot chocolate!!!!! And….. THANK YOU for stopping by!!!!!!

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