Wearing Lipstick Whimsy Style

Wearing lipstick WHIMSY STYLE today. I LOVE my lipstick, even on my shirt! This fun whimsical print LIPSTICK shirt is so cute from Chicos! I’ve always loved these fun whimsy-type prints. What is WHIMSY anyway? I love this GUIDE. It’s a great visual as well as explanation as to what exactly WHIMSY is. I think I may be considered a WHIMSY-TYPE fashionista!!!

So in a nutshell….. WHIMSY IS having fun with fashion and not being afraid to take risks!!!!!

You’ve heard me say how easily Chicos silk shirts can be to layer up. They are perfect under sweaters and jackets, and WITHOUT all the bunching! I styled it with just some basic black jeans. The other day though, I saw it paired with pink and thought it looked darling! I just didn’t have any pink pants, or that may have been a consideration. And….. why do I not have any PINK pants??? I must fix that!


And then there’s this scarf also from Chicos. Don’t you think scarves are the greatest accessory? I can’t ever decide between them and hats as far as accessories go, but THIS day my favorite was for sure scarves! This one is long enough to wear very comfortably as a belt! I saw it also styled as a scarf around your head….. a very Jackie-O kind of a look! It looked very CHIC!



These jeans are so fun! You can totally wear them more refined with a simple white button-down shirt and flats. I really believe that anything can be styled either up or down, OR a bit wild or conservative. But the soft yellow top and whimsy earrings play in to the whole look here!


Isn’t this skirt ADORABLE! I love the whimsy flirty style, and the feminine sweater is the perfect top! I added just some classic black shoes and bag and then some colorful floral earrings!

THIS is another SUPER FUN WHIMSY LOOK! And THESE are adorable!

Friends I’m telling you that wearing lipstick WHIMSY style, has me wanting more and more of it! I LOVE all of these looks and would wear any of them! Remember for ANY LOOK, it’s so important that you feel confident! If the confidence isn’t there, you’re not going to be comfortable, which translates in to how you actually look!

Shauna XO