Valentine’s Day Inspiration

With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, I thought to give you a little Valentine’s Day inspiration. It can be SO HARD to come up with a meaningful gift for your loved ones. Most times it’s the small and simple, least expensive things that are the most treasured! In fact, as I think back, it IS those things that I remember more than a gift.

For my little people this Valentine’s Day, I bought these cute fleece blankets and here for the boys, for each of them along with a sweet treat! Everyone…… no matter the age, likes a blanket to wrap up in, and I thought these were darling! They’ll also be super easy to mail to each of them. Kids LOVE to get a package in the mail (so do I)! I think I’m going to mail them all individually too, because that makes it more special. What do you think?

TARGET is my go-to for shopping holidays for my little people. I’ve actually shopped at Target more this last year than I ever have. You know how I feel about my TARGET! It’s such a clean well-organized place to shop for ALL kinds of FUN! What can’t you find at Target??!!

Below I’ve linked up THIRTY fun Valentine’s Day gifts. Shop them for spouses or for YOURSELF! After-all….. SELF-LOVE is a thing friends! Sometimes though, it just takes a peek at a gift guide to get your creative juices flowing! HOPE THIS HELPS!!!

If you have any good ideas for some Valentine’s Day inspiration, leave it in the comments here! And just a note…. I’m SO HAPPY that JANUARY IS OVER!!!! Who’s with me???

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Inspiration

  1. Love the jams!!! So this is a tad corny but my girlfriends and I do very inexpensive things. I found these adorable silicone ice cube trays that make heart shaped ice. I’m going to to put a tag that reads…Time to chill hot stuff! I am adding a small airline size bottle of their favorite “poison”. For my friends that don’t drink alcohol, I will do a bottle of their favorite soda, tea, etc.

    1. Michelle…. that’s not corny at all! Always fun to remember our girlfriends too! They’ll LOVE it! Thanks for sharing! XO

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