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You’ve been asking….. for a BUDGET-FRIENDLY BLOG. Everything is relative, especially when it comes to the cost of clothing. There used to be a time when I could spend a lot more on clothing than I do now. The cost of something wasn’t too much of an issue for me if I really LOVED it. Not so much anymore though, and I’m seriously not complaining! I’ve learned to shop much SMARTER!

Note: I did write about DRESSING FOR THE HOLIDAYS ON A BUDGET right here.

Today I wanted to show you some BUDGET-FRIENDLY looks, starting with the one above (except my boots). My top and bottoms are both from Target! My boots are from Anthropologie and a Christmas gift from Santa! The top is a BASIC and will go with SO MANY THINGS! In my opinion, it’s impossible to have too many LBT (little black tops)! The jeans….. well, they are just FUN!

You’ve heard me say to NOT spend money on TRENDS. I sort of feel like the jeans could be considered a trend, even though animal print has been around now for so long! I have LOVED my TARGET store this passed year! It’s always such a treasure hunt when I go, and usually every time I do, I find so many fun BUDGET-FRIENDLY items!


So what about the TOTAL COST? Is that good in your mind? This includes EVERYTHING from the jacket to the earrings. THIS jacket is so sassy and fun! What a fun one to have for all kinds of outfits!


How about these green faux leather pants? And the vest is so hot right now, and this one may be on it’s way to my front door! Add some black booties and classic white button-down for a super fun look!


What a darling dress this is, and will take you right in to spring! I added this thick black cardigan and snakeprint tall boots, and some simple dainty jewelry! I LOVE this outfit so much! You could add a denim jacket, leather jacket, and a cute hat to change it up. Also the dress could be paired with some girly heels and be beautiful for another look!

So there you have it…. a BUDGET-FRIENDLY BLOG post. You CAN be super stylish and on trend, without emptying your wallet! I hope this has helped those of you who have requested some ideas for inexpensive outfits! Below are some the stores I shop at when I’m thinking fabulous price-points!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Shauna XO

12 thoughts on “A Budget-Friendly Blog

  1. I love that you put snake print with leopard, never thought of that…..but it looks great!
    Thanks for all your ideas!

    1. You’re welcome Darla….. I had never thought of it either, UNTIL I got these boots and HAD TO WEAR THEM! Take care sweet friend! XO

  2. Always on a budget. Lol I remember long ago a dress that was $15.00 I wore it like it was $115.00.😉you can spice things up but the most important and “cost free” accessory is attitude! When you love yourself you love anything, Blessed Sunday!

    1. Kathleen I LOVE THIS! It’s so true, isn’t it??! CONFIDENCE and SELF-LOVE can be a game-changer! Have a WONDERFUL WEEK girl! XO

  3. I echo the leopard mixed with snake, I have been afraid of mixing two animal prints…feared I would look like party at the zoo but wow it is stunning! I have some gorgeous grey snake boots and grey leopard jeans so guess what I am wearing to work tomorrow!!

  4. I have recently retired and price point is a consideration moving forward. Finding reasonably priced clothing that is not of poor quality is a challenge. Sales and rethinking what’s in my wardrobe are two approaches to moving forward. I love your blog and look forward to seeing what you are styling as it prompts me to think about how that will work for me! Have a blessed Sunday.

    1. Kathy…. THANK YOU! For sure I NEED TO DO THAT MORE TOO! It can be so much fun re-purposing your clothing and coming up with new and different things. I often like to put something brand new, with something very vintage out of my closet! Take care and THANKS for stopping by! XO

  5. Me again…sorry I have been meaning to ask how do you keep your pants or jeans so taut when tucking them into your boots. If my pants aren’t skin tight in the thigh then they tend to as I call it balloon up and look baggy and loose. Is there a trick? Thanks!

    1. Michelle… I think that it’s important that they are fitted all the way through your leg. If they are loose on top they will look baggy with or without boots. One trick I use if I feel my pants are riding up, is to put an elastic hair tie around my ankle to keep them down. Does that help? XO

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