International Polkadot Day

Did you know that there is an International Polkadot Day? It’s on January 22nd. I seriously didn’t know this, and it was CHICOS that alerted me! They have some SUPER FUN polkadot things in their lineup right now. THIS SWEATER….. is just one of them, and IS ONE NOT TO MISS!

I have always loved polkadots, but it’s always a challenge wearing them! I buy something and then don’t like it when I wear it. They either feel too busy, too much, too loud, or too close together! So… why is this one different? The number one thing I LOVE about these polkadots, is that they are there but spaced out randomly. LOVE that! And number two, the sweater is super lightweight and SOFT! It’s not bulky, which I think helps when it comes to wearing dots!

When this arrived I had SO MANY IDEAS going through my head in how I wanted to style it. At first I was going to wear it with these jeans. But then I thought that since polkadots are so happy, the sweater required more color than black! So hence…… the red pants (these are actually similar)!

This sweater is such a fun one to have in your closet! I can’t wait to style it MANY MANY WAYS! I wanted to give you some other ideas here….. since you know….. THAT is my favorite part of blogging!


This look is ADORABLE with this yellow jacket (ON SALE)! I love the beautiful blue tulle skirt paired with the comfortable boots. This is a look that would be darling for shopping or meeting up with friends. You could most assuredly walk in this outfit ALL DAY LONG!


This goes to show you that with a polkadot sweater….. and some SUPER GLITZY COLORFUL shoes….. you only need some black washed out jeans and simple earrings! LOVE these jeans and LOVE these shoes! Even though there’s not much going on these days, the shoes are fun ones to have on hand when it’s time to PARTY!!!!!!


I’m so excited about this fabric belt! I loved it with this look with the army green pants and everything else black…. boots, earrings, beanie, and sweater! The belt adds just a hint of COLOR (it also comes in other colors too). Check out the hem on these pants! They too, come in other colors!

I’ve added just a few more POLKADOT pieces for the next INTERNATIONAL POLKADOT DAY 2022….. OR for whenever. They really do make such a happy statement! I want you to get out your polkadots and tell me whether or not they lift your spirits!!!

Have a FANTASTIC week friends! I really do APPRECIATE your support here on my blog. If there is something you’d love to hear me talk about, please let me know in the comments! I really REALLY do want to know what your ideas and questions are when it comes to fashion!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “International Polkadot Day

  1. Love love polka dots, and you make everything so darn cute!
    I love your blogs, such great ideas!

    1. Hi Darla…. thank you so much! I LOVE them too! I’m so glad you stopped by and for your sweet comment! Come back soon! XOXO

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sweater it is spot on…giggle! And those rhinestone JS pumps…oh he still my heart! After my foot surgery heels of that height are reserved for walking to and from the car then sit and look pretty events but better than nothing.

    1. Michelle yes! It is SPOT ON! And as far as cute shoes…… I have some too, that are only 1-3 hour shoes for sure. But I’ll never stop wearing them, not EVER! Take care girl! XO

  3. I love polka dots too! I am a heavier woman that loves fashion but my tummy always gets in the way. Therefore, no tucking in is my norm. Maybe you could address ways to fashion clothes for the women on the other end of the spectrum to hide those areas we can’t hide.
    Ps. I got my sunglasses! They look awesome on this 60 year old!

    1. Kim yes….. thank you so much for the suggestion! I will address that coming up soon! I believe that NO MATTER THE SIZE, you should be able to wear any trend in your own way! And SO HAPPY to hear you LOVE your sunglasses!!!!! XO

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