Changing This Jumpsuit Up

Do you remember this jumpsuit I posted a week or so ago? I wore it here dressed up a little bit. When I first eyed this at Anthropologie, I was so drawn to it mostly because I knew the silhouette would work on my body. I loved the sheen look to it, the drapey fabric was so nice, and I knew I wouldn’t have to hem it. It’s supposed to be a bit more cropped, but on me I really like the length! I don’t know why I LOVE jumpsuits so much, but I do! I’ve said before that you have to be a bit more creative when it comes to changing one up.

What are your ideas?  If you’re a career woman, you could so easily throw on a beautiful blazer (like navy) and some heels and pearls, and look perfect for the office! Or for that same environment, wear a white button-up shirt and black heels and it would look so sharp! Wearing a cropped sweater would look cute too! This would make it look almost like pants instead of a jumpsuit.

To wear it casually, of course wear it sleeveless if you wear sleeveless. Wear any kind of a tee and sneakers. Wear a denim shirt over the top and tied in a knot. Remember shoes and accessories can change a look up very quickly. Add your hats and neck scarves too! I can see this worn ANY season. You can dress it up enough to attend a beautiful summer wedding! It’s so comfy to move around in if you’re going someplace where you know you’ll be very active….like the zoo with your grandkids maybe?!! 🙂

You can see I’m in love with it, and have plenty of ways to get the very most out of it! The fact that you could wear it all year long, is almost enough itself to want it hanging in your closet!!!!!

Just want to say too…..THANK YOU always, for your continued support here on Chic Over 50. I’ve just recently had several women ask me HOW DID I START MY BLOG, and WHAT TIPS CAN I SHARE WITH OTHERS? This is what I tell them. First my blog began as an accident in a way. It was suggested to me that I start an Instagram account with fashion tips for women my age. I thought it was a crazy idea, CRAZY!!! It took me about 6 months to think on it, and then I decided to maybe give it a try. The rest is history. It has taken A LOT OF HARD WORK, AND CONSTANT WORK….my full-time job now! I seriously spend at least 8-10 hours a day on this. I do my own pictures, which eats up a lot of time. I like to stay engaged with my followers. I don’t take one single one of you for grated. NOT ONE OF YOU! I love that I can help lift women out of a rut, or a health crisis, or give some hope, that AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! Women from across the globe reach out to me to talk about their hesitations and fears. I’m blessed to be able to help them in an avenue of which I’m so passionate about! THANK YOU FRIENDS!


10 thoughts on “Changing This Jumpsuit Up

  1. I love your comment – to those who read it, I can tell you that this is what Shauna really feels. She has a heart of gold and wants only the best for everyone. She is compassionate and caring and loving and sincere. If you think I am prejiduced, you are probably right, but it is the truth. Who should know her better than her mother! xoxo

    1. Mom………your comment just made me cry! Why, because to have validation from you, means the world to me! Your approval will always mean more to me than you know! I’m going to blame my obsession with fashion on you, because you are the one who got me hooked way back when I was a little girl, sewing my beautiful clothes! And when I can use that to help other women…..well then it’s truly a BLESSING!!!! I LOVE you more than ever! XO

  2. And I think I can speak for us all…we certainly DO feel the LOVE. Your hard work, although maybe not mentioned, never goes unnoticed. Your support always seems to be woven throughout every single post, so kindly suggesting and encouraging. You are exactly doing what you are meant to do. Your Blessed with a gift. Thank you

    1. Cheryl…how can I say THANK YOU enough to you. You are always the first to comment with such thoughtful words, and I appreciate that SO MUCH! I would love to meet you one day! Have a BEAUTIFUL week girlfriend! XO

    1. PAULA!!! YOU girl….are one of my first blogging friends! You are such an INSPIRATION in your own beautiful way! One of the highlights to this year will absolutely be that I got to finally meet you! I really LOVE you, like my sister! XO

  3. Your website is such and inspiration to me, Shauna. And so is your rich life–and extremely hard work. Love you and yours.

    1. Hi Gerda! THANK YOU sweet friend! I’ve missed you…..lunch very soon! XO

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