back on track with Ruvi

So HAPPY to bid farewell to the indulgent holiday diet! How about you? This time of year I seriously crave a FRESH START and RESET with my diet. If you are on the same page, and want a convenient way to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet, then this is for you. I started January 1st, drinking one RUVI a day. I’m going throughout the month of January….. and I already feel AMAZING! I was already drinking RUVI, but not everyday. I can’t wait to feel better inside!

RUVI is a game changer, and I mean it! These drink packs are freeze dried REAL fruits and veggies….. NOTHING else. There are no preservatives, no added sugar, and all the fiber! Each pack contains 4 full servings of fruits and veggies. They make it about as easy at it gets, to kickstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

Back on track with RUVI

My favorite and most noticeable benefits from drinking my RUVI, is improved digestion. This is huge for anyone, but especially as you age, and even more so when you travel. I’ll be leaving for a trip in just a few days, and my RUVI is coming with me. It’s so easy to prepare. You just pour the drink pack into your RUVI shaker and mix. That’s it! Easy-peasy….. it doesn’t get more convenient!

With RUVI you are filling your body with essential vitamins and nutrients, as well as antioxidants. It supports your overall health and boosts your immune system. I’m here to say, it really works! You will feel better I promise! You’ll definitely have more energy, and it’s certain to give you a huge boost in the new year. Another WONDERFUL way to make your smoothie….. is to add in a RUVI packet for even more benefits!

I’m extending an invitation to YOU, to join me on this journey. Come and do the RUVI CHALLENGE with me, and together we WILL feel the benefits of CLEAN EATING! Use code SHAUNA15 to order your RUVI packs with the link below.


Getting back on track with RUVI is one of the healthiest ways to improve your health and well-being. January is the perfect time to start, for a cleaner and healthier version of yourself!



2 thoughts on “BACK ON TRACK WITH RUVI

  1. I’m checking this out. I wish they has samples before I dive right in. It looks so good and healthy. I am just getting off a few weeks for steroids and need to get my weightloss started back. I need a good detox too.

    1. Lisa I’ve been SO SO SO HAPPY with it! It’s so hard to get ALL the fruits and veggies we need, and this makes it SO EASY and CONVENIENT!!!! Let me know how you like!!!

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