making magic happen in 2024

I stumbled onto this picture, taken way back when….. by me. It has inspired this blog post to start off the year 2024. What a good way to think about the new year! MAKING MAGIC HAPPEN!! The start of a new year brings with it a wave of possibilities, a chance to turn the page and start fresh. For me setting new goals for a new year and actually writing them down, transforms them from just an intention to powerful commitment!

The picture above, was taken at a time in my life that was extremely tumultuous. My marriage was finally caving in after years of prayer and hope for something better. I was scared, but actually didn’t know how scared I was until now looking back. I’m really good at faking it, and pretending that all is good and fine. I just took the picture because I needed content, and didn’t have anyone to help me. The look on my face is so sad, and takes me right back to that afternoon. I don’t ever want to forget those times, because they make me appreciate MORE what I have now.

In my desire to be more simple, I always choose just FIVE resolutions….. each one a part of supporting my journey throughout the year. HEALTH, FITNESS, SPIRITUAL WELL-BEING, FAMILY CONNECTIONS, and PROFESSIONAL GROWTH are the five that I focus on. I feel that these five areas are what ensures me to stay balanced.

making magic happen in 2024
making magic happen in 2024

HEALTH always takes center stage. If you know me, you know that this is how I’ve been since a teenager! Making mindful food choices and NOT overeating is my focus. FITNESS goes along with that, and I’m thinking more about the way I feel. Since reaching 60, I feel my age more and more! SPIRITUAL balance is absolutely essential for me. Me and my husband will spend more time in our church’s temple, which was just remodeled and rededicated here in St. George. I’m SO EXCITED for this one, because we’ve missed that connection these last few years.

Next is FAMILY CONNECTIONS. This year I’m going to continue on a very good road with my kids and grandkids. Spending time with them is not only important to me, BUT TO THEM….. they remember. They have talked to me a lot about fun times spent together! I’m also going to make more of an effort with my own siblings, as well as spending more time with my step-family. A blog post is coming shortly on being a stepmom and step-grandmother.

And lastly is PROFESSIONAL GROWTH. As always I’m going to try some new ideas. Creating content that resonates and is inspiring is my goal. There may even be another retreat on my mind. Let me know if YOU are interested! And striving to find more balance in my work/personal time is worth continuing from last years resolutions.


In the end, it’s not about the number of resolutions but instead the COMMITMENT behind them. The magic lies in the act of setting intentions, then visualizing the journey, and finally taking steps toward your goal. I’m always excited for the NEW YEAR…. FRESH START, and the chance to do things better. My goals are truly a roadmap to making MAGIC happen in 2024.

8 thoughts on “MAKING MAGIC HAPPEN IN 2024

  1. Love this post, I’m gonna find a t shirt that says that and/ or piece of jewelry. I’m livin in the mystery right now, making decisions that are scary, however, necessary. You mentioned calm as well in another post, I do believe this is also quite necessary this year.
    I look forward to your posts, this year I’m turning 60 and my mind is blown, lol. You inspire me to make magic happen. Thank you.

    1. Julia….. thank you so much for your comment! It sounds like you have the perfect mindset to go through whatever it is on your plate! BEST WISHES! It’s always scary going through the unknown, but when you look back you realize that you had more strength than you imagined! MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN girlfriend! I’ll be in your corner! XOXO

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