How To Wear Tulle Everyday

You’ve all heard me talking about trends, and the fashion world is full of them. They come and go, but some have a timeless appeal to them, of which TULLE is one. It’s most often associated with ballerinas and definitely on the dreamy side. But it’s also able to look very chic, classic, and sophisticated too.

For us at midlife, the key to tulle lies in understanding how to style it effortlessly and with class….. class being the most important of the two. The magic happens when you pair this airy fabric with classic and simple. I’m always saying simple….. but then finding myself pushing the boundaries a bit! But when you think of classic fitted tops, and neutrals, you will see that it might not be as hard to wear as you may think.

The versatility of tulle makes it a perfect choice for various occasions. In fact, I’m planning a trip for the first part of January, and will probably take this skirt because of its versatility! I’ll show you here several ways in which I styled it….. casual with a fun floral print tee, some plaid, and one of my CHIC sweatshirts! Knowing how to accessorize, including your shoes, will make a huge difference. Let me take you through each look…..

My closet is full of tees, and this frilly and girly number is SO PERFECT with my tulle. I added this vintage suede bow belt to take it up a notch and liked it better than without. Sometimes it’s the smallest detail that can change it all for me. The gold flats were just right in my eyes.

ways to Wear Tulle Everyday

I chose plaid next. The juxtaposition between the tulle and ruggedness of the plaid is right up my alley. This is what I mean, when I love to push the boundaries. I wore these nude kitten heel booties and a metallic tank underneath.

Ways To Wear Tulle Everyday

Another way to wear one of my FANTASTIC CHIC SWEATSHIRTS is with tulle. This particular style is cropped and fitted so it didn’t overwhelm the skirt in the least. You can SHOP THEM ALL HERE.

Ways to Wear Tulle Everyday


Tulle is not just a fabric….. it’s an attitude. It adds a sense of playfulness and a touch of romance to any outfit, and it will always turn heads! Finding ways to wear tulle everyday is so much easier than I ever thought it would be. I’ve shown you four ways to style it, but it really has the ability to go on and on! It’s timeless and will make you feel ultra feminine too! It’s definitely a celebration of STYLE!



    1. Hi Lisa….. thank you kindly!!!! It’s always fun for me as well, to see other people’s take on STYLE! Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and come back again soon! XOXO

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