My California Adventure Packing Guide

It’s been so nice to be traveling again….. this time to sunny California. I will be going with my bestie, SheShe, and we will be promoting California for travel. I love the process of putting together my wardrobe, and actually spend way too much time deciding just what to bring. It’s very important to pack strategically to ensure a comfortable and fun experience!

First off, I consider the weather. California’s climate can vary depending on the region, and can be on the cold side this time of year. Dressing in layers is your best bet. I have a couple of different jackets, sweaters, and some fabulous NEW ARRIVALS from CHICOS…… linked below.

Another thing to think about when traveling is your footwear. If you’ll be exploring, which we will be, comfy shoes are so vital. I’m taking these shoes linked here. I’m LOVING THESE BOOTIES, I recently got. With the kitten-heel, they are shoes I can wear all day long! And they’re so CHIC too.

Plenty of outdoor activities are planned for us, which makes athleisure pieces essential. These will be my workout clothes as well as an option to travel in. I’ll layer them up with any of my jackets and sweaters. Our weather forecast is anywhere from 45-65 degrees. I’ll also be taking THIS BAG for all of our outdoor plans.

The jackets I chose may surprise you. THIS ONE is so extremely budget-friendly, and THIS ONE is on the expensive side, but will have it forever! These both will easily smash down really small to fit into my bag. I chose these because of that, and both neutral colors to go with what I have packed. I also have a couple of denim jackets, which I usually have at least one on any given trip.

For evening I’ll be taking a dress similar to the one linked below, as well as THIS SHIRT and PANTS from SHOP CHIC, that can broken down into several different looks. It also comes in black and is perfect for Valentines Day too! Remember versatile clothing is so valuable when traveling.

With extra room in my bag, I’m taking the jeans, faux leather pants, and sweaters linked. I always pack a good pair of jeans, no matter where I’m traveling to. The faux leather pants are perfect to dress up for evening with some heels. I’ll be wearing mostly sweaters, and so have a good variety to be mixed and layerd up.


Lastly don’t forget your phone and laptop chargers, any travel documents, and of course there will be your toiletries that will take room in your bag as well. All of my toiletries are travel size. I order containers LIKE THESE to put my face, hair, etc. products into. Hopefully my California adventure packing guide will be a good reference for you as you begin to travel again too!



  1. Have fun! Sounds like you’ll be busy!! We are headed to St. George in February for 10 days, the 15th through the 25th. Maybe you’ll be home during some of that time and we can meet up 😊

    1. Yes we have a full schedule and is sure to be a great time! Let’s do plan something when you come! I’m gone again the first part of Feb. for about 5 days. Keep me posted!!!! XOXO

  2. Have fun! I have never been to California. I’m on the other side of the map in North Carolina.
    Love the outfit!

    1. Lisa it’s been SO MUCH FUN! If you’ve followed my stories on Instagram (HIGHLIGHT BUBBLE Visit CA) then you’ve seen our adventures! Such a fun place to vacation!!!! Thank you for stopping by! XO

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