How To Shop With Intention

shopping with intention


Ladies are you guilty like I am of sometimes NOT SHOPPING WITH INTENTION? What does this mean? It means you can be an impulse shopper.  Or you might be an emotional shopper. Or what about when you’re with a friend and you’re just plain not thinking?

When you are any of the above, your money is NOT being spent wisely! Let’s talk about IMPULSE SHOPPING. Oftentimes your emotions can cause this. Feeling depressed and shopping probably isn’t a good combination! Again not thinking can be costly! And if you’re like me, shopping with a friend can make me lose focus!!

This image below I must have shopped it all with INTENTION, because I still have and wear everything….. hat RAG AND BONE, tee JCREW, shorts ANTHROPOLOGIE, shoes BIRKENSTOCK and sunnies PRADA.




ONE~ YOU don’t have a budget when shopping. This is a classic way of spending MORE MONEY than you would otherwise…. a really fast way to drain your bank account! Can you honestly say that you can afford something?

TWO~ You don’t have a goal in mind. Always KNOW what you’re shopping for. Write it down if you need to and be specific!

THREE~ You are shopping because you are happy or sad. I mostly shop when I’m happy! That’s fine if you have ALL the other things in place…. budget, goals, etc.

FOUR~ You are shopping and have a closet full of clothes. Are you like this? You feel like you have nothing to wear but your closet is stuffed? This is why it’s important to MAKE A LIST!

FIVE~ You are buying something without knowing how you are going to style it! Remember to ask yourself…. do I know how to style this at least three ways? If you don’t know, ask one of the sales people for ideas!!



Ladies…. be aware of how you are shopping! You will feel so much better knowing how to shop with intention. Your closet will be less full and you will wear your things more!!!! Remember that MOST women wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time! Yikes!! A great thing to ask yourself while shopping is…. “Do I NEED this or do I WANT this?” If you can be honest with yourself, you’ll save a lot of money!

how to shop with intention
THIS SKIRT is an example of NOT shopping with intention. Worn only a few times!!

Have a lovely week friends! I will be traveling through our National Parks towards the end of the week. Follow me on Instagram on my STORIES and I’ll show you some SPECTACULAR places!!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “How To Shop With Intention

  1. I recently had a new friend compliment me on my wardrobe and ask how I organize my closet. I sent her some pictures and she said, “I thought you had more clothes than that! You always look so put together and fresh. Will you help me organize my clothes and tell me what to ditch?” This was the first time that I had been asked. Wow! So I spent five hours with her closet ( well there were clothes in bins under the bed, other closets and in chests, too. I have never seen some many clothes in triplicate!! This was NOT an easy assignment!!! I asked how she would describe what type of clothes make her feel the best, then when she would pull out something that I thought was not so great, I would ask “Do you LOVE it?” If she said yes, I would say pull three other items it goes with. If she couldn’t, then I would say donate it. Or I would say, do you really think this color is your best and I would grab something that was a good color. Her mom bought very expensive clothes and then passed. Some still had tags on. My friend felt guilty not keeping them. I told her she was way too young for the styles and to donate to someone who would really be excited for them. So then, I showed how to arrange her closet so she could see what she had and to stop hanging tees and sweaters. Now she runs up to me at events and asks how she looks!😍 But….she wants me back to tackle her winter clothes!

    1. Kathy that’s awesome! It is SO HARD to get rid of clothing that was EXPENSIVE! That’s one really great reason to NOT spend thousands on one thing. I’ve been there, and have had to thin out, and it hurts but yet feels so good. Having a closet that works for you and one you are happy with makes life so much simpler. Interesting that your friend thought you had more clothes than you did! Way to go!! XO

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