ALWAYS Have Some Plaid In Your Closet

I don’t know what it is exactly about plaid, but I say ALWAYS have some plaid in your closet! Maybe because it’s a classic, or maybe it’s because it’s not as boring as a solid color. Whatever the reason, I LOVE it and usually have at least one pair of plaid pants in my closet!

I think some women get hung up on plaids and prints. They aren’t sure what to wear with them. I think they may feel restricted by plaids. But I wanted to prove that thinking wrong, and show you how to wear it different ways. When I picked up these pants at JCrew (by the way they are ON SALE now) my first choice of styling was with something very casual on top. I wore them first with this sweatshirt and heels.

My go-to always seems to be a tee shirt! And I loved the combination of this color with the dark green and navy in the pants! The off colors are so cute together I think. I wore this with a faux fur denim jacket and my sparkly pumps! My jacket is from a a few years back but THIS ONE is even cuter!

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My bag can be found here.

But on to how I would wear these plaid pants differently…


I love the NYC sweatshirt with the checks underneath. This is actually what I wore to the JCrew event I hosted in December…. except with my sparkly pumps! The sneakers I know are an indulgence, but they are seriously so cute! One day I will have some GOLDEN GOOSE sneakers! Sigh…….


This blazer is a classic and comes in three colors. I like the navy or the tan with these pants. This is a very simple, clean, conservative look. It’s a very professional look, and each of these pieces will NEVER go out of style! The pants really will get all the attention with this one!


Since I am a golfer, I love the idea of these pants out on the course. It would need to be a cooler day because they are lined and more of a winter pant. But no matter, still cute and still so fitting for the fairways! This was the first time I went golfing with my husband, right after we met…. and in dressed in plaid!

So if you’re a little hesitant with plaids, I hope I’ve shown you enough reasons NOT TO BE! You should always have some plaid in your closet! It is a classic and you’ll always look STYLISH in it! Even…… on the golf course!

Shauna XO