My Fashion On The Golf Course

Can you really find FASHION OUT ON THE GOLF COURSE??? I have always thought that the options out there for women are so limited when it came to golf. The clothes can look so frumpy looking!!!! After-all… I like to say…it’s all about how you look! HA! Just kidding! But I still want to look cute when I’m out on the course! I think there are so many more options now than just ten years ago, but GOLF FASHION has a LONG WAY TO GO still!

I started golfing just after my third son was born. We lived in a small town and the golf course literally was the only thing to do! So, I took up some private lessons once a week. I thought I could learn the sport and become really good with just once a week with a pro, along with golfing nine holes during the week. After I had been taking for a month or two, I was frustrated and said to my instructor, “Why am I not getting better?!” He quickly explained I would have to be out on the course a whole lot more practicing if I wanted to see improvements! Well…..with three boys at home, all under the age of five, there was NO WAY to be out there that much!

I’m fairly coordinated and have always been active. It’s been easy for me to learn something new. But golfing I have to say, has been the hardest sport for me to learn! I worked on my game a LOT while I lived in Arizona, but after I moved away from there, I haven’t golfed as much. To me it’s very technical and EVERYTHING has to be on, in order to hit a good ball. I’m saying…..EVERYTHING! I have gotten to the point of being able to keep up with guys, not ever hitting SUPER FAR like them, but can hit it decent and usually straight. My putting is pretty good MOST of the time!

The other day it was GORGEOUS perfect weather in Southern Utah. We decided to go out and take advantage of the beautiful day. I didn’t have clubs and so had to borrow some, and hadn’t hit a ball for over two years! I was a bit nervous about being able to keep up, but to my surprise…..I shot two pars and my score was in the high 40’s which isn’t THAT BAD! I LOVED being out on the course again! I had the time of my life and can’t wait to get out there again! I wore my red plaid pants similar to these, a black CHIC OVER 50 tee, with a black bomber jacket similar to this one. You can shop Chiara Ferragni shoes right here.

I don’t think golf is really a sport that a lot of women participate in, but I’m telling you… be able to go out there with your significant other, and enjoy a beautiful day and nature and fresh air…and then when you hit an amazing ball? Well, there’s just not anything else like it! You should consider it, IF you don’t golf already!!!

I’ve linked up SOME REALLY CUTE GOLF looks for you ladies. Most of these can be worn outside the golf course, like an athleisure type of look or working out, or perhaps on the tennis court even.





Wishing you all a fantastic weekend friends!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “My Fashion On The Golf Course

  1. I started golfing after I retired two years ago at the ripe old age of 60. My son, an avid golfer, had coaxed me to try it for years, but I never had any interest. My friend wanted to learn to play, though, so I finally gave in and went with her. I LOVE IT! I love being outside, getting some exercise, and spending time with my family and friends. Golf is the most challenging and frustrating thing I’ve tried, and I definitely need more lessons and practice, but I can’t wait for Spring to get back on the course. And shopping for cute outfits is definitely a bonus!

    1. Barb…..that’s SO COOL that you picked it up at 60!!! That’s sort of like my dad! He picked it up after he retired! It’s such a FUN SPORT, and a FUN way to enjoy the outdoors and scenery!!!! BEST WISHES! Go and get yourself a PAR! XO

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