About My Personal Religious Beliefs

I’ve never been one to talk about my personal religious beliefs here on my blog, ChicOver50. After all, this is a blog about fashion inspo. But I really felt a need this morning as I was posting to Instagram…. in light of how the world has changed in just a matter of a month or so. It’s amazing how quickly the things have shifted in how we all think about things.

When people struggle they (for the most part I believe) turn to something higher, maybe God or maybe something else. For me I turn to God, or my Heavenly Father. My religious beliefs are sacred to me, and although I would share with anyone who wanted to know more specifically, I would never push it on to someone in any way.

I can remember a time many years ago, hearing a woman say at church, that she welcomed any struggles of conflict or trial in to her life, because this is when she grew the most. And I TOTALLY AGREE that through trials we definitely GROW! NO QUESTION!!! But…… I’m not the type that would pray for them. I’ve had enough in my lifetime.

I woke up this morning and felt so grateful that I didn’t have that feeling of dread that it was a Sunday. I LOVE Sundays now, and look forward to them. It used to be SO HARD for me to get through a Sunday because of the feelings of inadequacy and judgement and heartache. I couldn’t wait to get through a Sunday.

Since we’ve been at home due to COVID-19, and having church here instead of a chapel, I’ve felt so much gratitude and joy that I have a higher being who I know has helped me along my path! Whatever that is for you, whether you worship a God or whatever….. I hope that you will always feel that Sundays are special and should be different than the rest!

I know a bit personal here, and I hope I haven’t offended any. But that time for me when I was dealing with so much emotional pain, the only thing that got ME through was prayer. And prayer can be said in your heart anytime ANYWHERE!!!!! Thank you for letting me talk for a minute about my personal religious beliefs.

Take care friends! Have a wonderful week!!

Shauna XO

This is a talk from one of my church leaders about how we WILL WIN THE WAR ON COVID-19.

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17 thoughts on “About My Personal Religious Beliefs

  1. Thank you for sharing your faith! Yes, we are forced to grow through our difficult times, yes, I too have had my share. My faith grew the most when I praised God through the storms which was the hardest but most humbling time and the sense of peace was such a blessing. Keep spreading your love and encouragement, I look forward to your posts and how I can think outside the box for my fashion statements! Hugs my friend!

    1. I love that you shared your faith, I have found in life that I am nothing without God! My lord and my savior are my strength and my hope ! I pray you stay well and strong and may your faith journey strengthen during this very different time! We will make it through God

    2. Hi Janice, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! For sure we grow the MOST during those rough patches! Maybe because we are at our MOST HUMBLE selves then? XOXO

    3. Thank you for sharing❤❤❤having faith moves us forward. Thank God

      Jeanne in Arizona

  2. I, too, share your joy in Jesus Christ. Thank you for being transparent with us. God is trying to give us time to be ready because this is not our home. Our world is hurting and needs our prayers. If we will humble ourselves, He will heal our land. God is in control and never breaks a promise. You are my favorite model! I will be 60 years old in September. You reminded us we have to keep moving. So I am trying to do that. God bless your family and God bless America!

    1. Hi Kim! I believe too that God is trying to give us time to GET READY! He definitely IS in control for sure. I have felt that so strongly these last couple of years! GOD BLESS YOU TOO!!!! XO

  3. Thank you for your honesty! I feel like the world needs so much more of this!! Love your blog!!

  4. When God tells us to do something, we definitely should do it! Thanks for sharing your faith. That’s what we are all suppose to do. Jesus saves! John 3:16 I love your style, girl!❤️

    1. Hi Amy…. thank you for your comments! HE definitely is everything! You take care! XO

  5. Religion can be a personal and individual journey. Whatever gives you strength and hope is a blessing. That being said….love your outfit. That skirt is made for you. You look fantastic!!!

  6. Hi Shauna thanks so much for sharing your heart. I don’t know what I’d do with out the Lord.

  7. Hi! You have not offended me anyway, but it is interesting to read different conceptions of life. I am an atheisy myself and member of The Humanist Association. I have friends who don’t believe in God, who are doubtful, who believes but not go to church, and others who are more active. To me it doesn’t matter as it is the person itself which means something to me.

    To me it is the same with politics, people have their right to their opinion and I don’t care who they vote for.

    What is a problem is that many judge before they know another person. If they for example have another conception of life, they are already ruled out and not worth as much. I know as I have been awfully insulted by people because I don’t believe in God. Then I wonder what goes on in their mind, how could God have taught them to be so judgeful and rude to others?

    I respect you and the post you did, because you were humble and I’m sure you show respect to others who think differently. I wish you a nice weekend (all the way from Sweden).


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