My Top Camo Looks For Spring

Will CAMO ever go out… out of STYLE? Today I’m talking about my TOP CAMO looks for spring! I keep thinking that it’s going to die off, but it never does! I remember when it first came on the scene, I hadn’t ever seen it outside the hunting community! It came and it stayed, so I guess it’s here to stay!

I remember when I first noticed camo in women’s fashion…. I WAS THE ONE who said, “NEVER!” I wasn’t ever going to be caught dead in this look. It seemed too red-neck for me! NEVER SAY NEVER, because now I love it! To me I consider it like an animal print….. a basic! You’ve seen me wear it over and over again.

Camo seems to be very casual, but actually can be dressed up in such a cute way! I wanted to demonstrate that with a few looks you could wear this spring! And camo…… is the best thing too wear during COVID and quarantine!!!!!!! It just seems fitting! LOL!! All of these camo pieces can be dressed up or down.

My first look here is with a DRESS….. which is a bit of a different take on camo! This would work for ANY BODY SHAPE and so cute for spring and summer….. even fall with some cute booties and a little sweater! I think it’s so cute! LOVE THIS hat with it and then a pile of colorful bracelets tops it off! Of course if you need it dressier, just change up the shoes!

Here you see that with a dressier top and some sassy heels and clutch, these camo pants can look VERY dressed up! This pair of linen pants are soft and easy I don’t have them so don’e know exactly how they fit, but I do love this brand!

The pants are linen and soft and easy. You can see I’ve styled them DRESSY (above) or this way, more CASUAL. I would wear these any season except for winter! I love the slouchiness of linen. And I LOVE the hair accessory! It brings some bright punchy color to this look!

Don’t you love the pattern mixing here with the floral? I styled it with some neutral heels and a pair of FABULOUS….. ok it’s definitely a splurge, earrings and some simple bracelets. Again the skirt can be taken down to a tee and some sneakers!

That’s it for my top camo looks for spring! I hope this has given you some new ideas for your camo pieces! Just know that it’s super versatile and can be mixed around to almost anything you want it to be!

Shauna XO

If something is sold out that I’m wearing in my pictures, I will always find and link the closest thing to it!

2 thoughts on “My Top Camo Looks For Spring

  1. Your too funny!!! You crack me up and I know your not even trying 😂🤣😂🤣😂!!! I’ve always been a big fan of camo as well, and I’M not even a redneck! 😉

    1. Oopsie….. was that a bad thing too say??? LOL! But it’s true, right? HAPPY WEEKEND girlfriend! XO

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