THIS Is My Job

This is my job friends….. to promote and sell brands. The other day when I posted this on Instagram, there were a couple of comments that were….. in my opinion, a bit hard. Ever since I’ve been blogging, I have felt it fair, to let everyone have their voice. And I don’t ever delete a comment unless it’s sexual or REALLY hurtful.

The comment was something like this……

“I LOVE following you, but I just feel like at this time these posts are annoying. Nobody is in the mood to buy shoes at 30% off, unless they are shoes to walk to the mailbox in.”

I totally understand people’s frustration, but at the same time….. THIS IS MY JOB. This was a paid collaboration, and my job was to promote their sale, and bring awareness to their brand. That’s what I’m paid to do. I feel too, that people need to be able to see what they normally would see. What I mean is, they/WE need to see HAPPY and POSITIVE things! That’s what these pictures are.

This shoot was inspired by the movie Sound of Music… my favorite! Remember the scene in which the oldest daughter met her boyfriend in the gazebo and danced? Well…. that’s what I was going for. My boyfriend however……. was behind the camera! He’s so good, and I LOVE him to pieces! He was actually the one that told me to climb up on to the pillar on the first shot! He’s learning fast, how to become an amazing photographer!

So…. in light of all this, Easy Spirit IS having a great sale if you’re in the need of shoes. Their entire site is 30% off with no exceptions. EVERYTHING IS 30% off. I’ve been an ambassador for Easy Spirit all season long, as well as all through last fall. Their shoes are comfy and durable and how about these heels? You really could dance in these ALL DAY LONG!

I’ve linked up a couple of looks that are as close as I can get to mine. I put this together right from my closet. This time of year it’s hard to find a gold lace skirt! These looks though, are just as CUTE! My earrings are from this site.


Shauna XO

33 thoughts on “THIS Is My Job

  1. I love Easy Spirit shoes, so comfy! I love seeing your blog, I check every day for your posts. It brightens my day during these difficult times, I’m looking forward to shopping again!

    1. Dee THANK YOU! That is so nice of you and makes me feel so good! I hope you and your family are getting along ok and seeing the bright things in life! ENJOY the rest of your weekend! XOXO

  2. You look fabulous. Love the outfit. I too, look forward to see what you are wearing. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Laurie! THANKS so much for stopping by! HOPE that YOU are doing well and stying occupied!!! Take care! XO

  4. You know Shauna? No need to explain anything to anyone. The Internet is big enough for all, if you land somewhere you don’t like, move on….that easy. You know your worth, you are good at what you do, and you know it. Anyone who follows you knows you have rightly so earned that confidence. I Love those shoes!!!😉

    1. Could not have said it better! Shauna is a positive role model and we need that right now in the world so much!

  5. Some people are just irritable and snarky. Please keep your posts coming. You are just so adorable and I enjoy reading your posts and seeing some fun fashions. It’s a very welcome break from the world right now.

    1. Glenna, yes I think so. Some just have that about them which is so sad. So glad you appreciate what I do here! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Take care! XO

  6. No explanations needed, I can’t understand why ,if people don’t like what they’re reading,they don’t just go read something else,in the great scheme of things,that isn’t difficult is it? X enjoy your blogs,and all I wear is jeans,shirts and walking boots lol,I sigh and think,wish I could stay clean 😂 xx stay safe.

    1. Hey Lynn… I can’t either. Thank you for chiming in! Hope you are getting along there wherever you are, and finding the POSITIVE things about our current situation!!!! XO

    1. Vickie…. it’s ok, thank you! Like my granddaughter always says….. “I is tough!” XOXO

  7. I don’t get some people. I’ve bought three pairs of shoes online since the shutdown. This is not going to last forever. When it’s time to step out, I’ll be ready. Keep the content coming.

    1. Dina, I don’t either. YOU will REALLY BE READY to rock those shoes girl! BRAVO for such a HEALTHY outlook on something that’s only temporary! Take care! XO

  8. Hi Shauna, I am so glad this is your job! I love all the ideas you share and your clothes are adorable! I’ve been following you for several years. At this crazy time, I feel like you give us hope that we will be normal again and please ignore those who leave you negative vibes! They can read other blogs and find other ways to be inspired! For me, fashion and looking my best is what makes me feel best and helps me get through the crazy unsure days! Love what you do! Love and blessings! Candy in Kansas

    1. Candy, THANK YOU! I feel like your comment is ME TALKING! Fashion and dressing up truly does bring me such joy. I’m so happy you find my blog uplifting! THIS WILL PASS SOON…. I just know it. And in the meantime there is so much we can be doing that otherwise we wouldn’t have time for! XOXO

  9. Hi Shauna, I am a 62 year old who has her own business which had to (temporarily) close its doors. I have been one of the people who is enjoying this time to catch up on things I haven’t done in years. I love spending all this time with my husband and 2 daughters. I look forward to your posts and I love that you are going forward with fashion ideas! I hear enough sad news from tv and other people. I have found the good in this not-so-good situation and you continue to be an inspiration. Thank you!

    1. Hi Diane, THANK YOU for your support! It’s so nice to hear people truly TAKING ADVANTAGE of life’s situation right now. The more OPTIMISM THE BETTER! Keeping our minds occupied with positive things is the best way to get through! TAKE CARE! XOXO

  10. Personally, I love posts like this because they take my mind off the virus for a little while. Keep them coming!

    1. Hi Marcia….. that’s sort of what I would have thought! Take care and THANK YOU for chiming in! XO

  11. Hi Shauna, you keep doing you, could be that person was having a bad day and your post just prompted her to vent in the wrong way…….I found this old article from webmd I believe it was posted around 2009…..have a great day!

    5. Bargain Makeup Strong
    Heard the saying that lipstick is recession proof? It turns out that cosmetics really do have some staying power during tough economic times.

    Consumer research firm Mintel predicts a 10% rise in U.S. cosmetic sales from 2008 to 2013, up from Mintel’s previous prediction of 7% growth from 2007 to 2012.

    The reason? Makeup makes for a feel-good purchase that doesn’t break the bank. And women would rather cut back on a lot of other things before they mess with their mascara.

    “Consumers will continue to shift household spending and eliminate luxuries such as gym memberships, vacations, and curtail apparel spending, but color cosmetics remain an affordable luxury,” Mintel’s report says.

    “Because women have an emotional tie to their makeup (and appearance), cosmetic purchases easily fall into the ‘non-negotiable’ category.”

    But that doesn’t mean they’re willing to pay a pretty penny for makeup. Mintel predicts that people who usually buy expensive cosmetics at department stores will “increasingly trade down to drug store selections.”

    1. Mayra interesting article. I’ve posted about this before, about how a new lipstick is affordable and such a nice gift to yourself!!!!! My ChicOver50 gloss is only $20!!!!!! Take care sweet friend! XOXO

  12. We love your posts. So much fun. And right now we need fun. We can all wallow in it or we can get up and make the most of a different way to spend our days. So girls, get up, shower, apply your make up, do your hair, and feel great whatever your day brings… We are stronger together. Much love to you all from the UK

    1. Bev THANKS very much! We do need FUN. I would love to repost this, do you have an Instagram account so I can tag you? XO

  13. Shauna, I really appreciated this post. I have struggled with this and you helped to make me see the flip side. I always admire you and your feed.

  14. My dearest Shauna, I know you are strong enough not to let a stray comment push you off your stride–in whatever shoes you darn well please! Like your critic, I too some days think–or even say–mean things and I hope you and everyone else forgive me for that–in a way I understand your critic: some days our own problems overwhelm everything else and we lash out where it is not called for or deserved. But I would love to tell your critic that, besides doing your job amazingly and always providing a smile and a cheerful thought, you have one of the kindest and most generous hearts I have ever been lucky enough to know. I got to know you at the very start of your blog when you were working incredibly hard under difficult life circumstances, and I know what incredible midnight oil this blog has cost you before you became known and followed; and how much work the blog still is to keep it exciting and growing. Although, as you know, my style could hardly be more different from yours, a visit to your blog always inspires me and makes me happy the positivity that shines from you. I wish you and yours just the very best in these difficult times–and I treasure you for keeping on to make my days happy when you post.

    1. GERDA….. I almost missed this comment!!!!! THANK YOU SWEET GERDA. I love you so much and miss our lunches at Nordstrom together! I hope you and Peter are well! I’m so grateful for your support and love through these last few years. YES….. you were there from the beginning encouraging me! I was drawn to your STYLE and friendly SMILE! You are such a JOY to not only me, but hundreds of people who have been lucky to know you! Please know I think of you often! YOU TWO stay well, and when things settle down, I would love to see you again when I’m up in SLC! LOVE YOU GERDA! XOXO

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