Could Satin Skirts Be This Good

Out shopping with a girlfriend….. and she leads me on to a SATIN SKIRT. Could satin skirts be this good? She said they were. Honestly I would have passed these right up thinking they were too revealing. Do you know what I mean? It seems that you can see everything through satin!!! I just wouldn’t have thought what I discovered!

I was actually desperate to find either a skirt or a dress while I was up visiting my mama a few weeks ago. I hadn’t packed one with me, and she wanted to go to our temple together which needed a dress. So, while I was out with my sweet friend Trina @trinagrand we ran in to this gold number. She suggested it and I was no way. She said that she had one and it had been fun wearing it with sneakers. I WAS IN!

I found this amazing oversized shirt/jacket in the most beautiful shade of Lavendar to go with it. Then I added it with some white pumps and earrings to really brighten it up for spring! I’m so excited to wear it through my summer months here with a tee! It will be fresh, colorful, easy, comfy, and different! I LOVE IT!

What do you guys think? Can you see yourselves wearing a skirt like this? I would even take it in to fall and pair it with beautiful sweaters! The satin I think can throw you…. thinking that maybe it’s not versatile. But VERSATILE it is! SO SUPER EASY to dress it way up or way down!


This look is so simple and elegant! How BEAUTIFUL…. right? The first pair of flats is a real indulgence, but a classic, so IF you have the money to spend on them, they’ll be in style FOREVER!

How about this blue?? Isn’t it darling? I love the graphic tee and hat with it! So cute and easy for warm spring days!

This green version is gorgeous I think! Cute as well with a white tee and jeweled sandals! Could satin skirts be this good….. yep, they sure can!

My satin skirt is HERE. My Lavendar jacket HERE. My pumps are HERE. I got my earrings in Italy last summer.


Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “Could Satin Skirts Be This Good

    1. Thank you so much Patty! It’s not my favorite way to wear it, but it’s nice for a little change!!!! Take care! XO

  1. I love your Hair also I also love the Outfit, it is not very expensive, thank you for wearing something I can afford I will order it and hope it looks as good on me as it does on you.You are such a Doll and I know how happy you are now. I’m so happy for you.xoxo

    1. Rita HOW SWEET of you to say! Zara is a GREAT place to shop for trends at a great price! I’ll try to post more along these lines! You stay well!!!! XO

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