Your Attitude Is Everything

Your attitude is EVERYTHING. How is everyone doing? Are you tired of this, are you tired period, are you stressed, are you angry, are you grumpy, are you scared? This morning as I was scrolling through social media, I heard so much anger. I think it’s absolutely ok to feel anger, but not for too long. Anger is debilitating!

I believe that YOU have control over more than you think you do. When you smile and laugh, you’ll automatically feel better. And being around people who are smiling and happy, it really is contagious! I was listening to Dr. Phil the other day…. he just makes sense to me. Of course he doesn’t have a lot of the stresses that most do. But he had some really good things to say.

One of the things he talked about was about your relationships with your loved ones. They can really be stressed and compromised as we all try to get through this together. Each has their own idea of WHAT BEING CAREFUL is, and if they don’t match up with your significant other or close family, it can really create a conflict.

EVERYONE needs to be in the game TOGETHER. EVERYONE needs to listen to the other’s concerns and validate them. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to agree, but we all need to show respect now more than ever. Let’s face it…. this is tough stuff! But working together WITH A GOOD ATTITUDE is absolutely what we ALL NEED TO STRIVE FOR!


I LOVE this article on ATTITUDE. We are for sure in a very complicated time! This could really help you make that shift to a more POSITIVE place, which can then affect EVERYONE you are close to.


I’m linking up THREE outfits that are great looks to feel comfortable at home in, but STILL LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRESSED, and not just in your jammies! By “getting ready” for the day…. you will definitely FEEL BETTER, I promise!

These flip-flops are SO COMFY and come in six neutral colors. And the joggers are so dang cute. Wear them with a casual or dressy tee… both linked here.

I think these bright colored joggers are really CUTE! I always say that COLOR is HAPPY, and these are sure to put you in a good mood all the way around. LOVE this look so much!

This tee is super fun and comes in SEVEN colors. It’s a tee but with the ruffled sleeve it’s feminine and girly! Love this with the camo joggers and simple white sneakers. Add a denim jacket for cooler temps and you’re good to go.


Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “Your Attitude Is Everything

  1. Everyone I have seen (mostly everyone) on social media and in the distance have been kind and loving and good. I see people waving, hear horns honking and reading all the funny takes on this virus on Facebook have brought a smile to my face. This morning I put stuffed animals in my windows. If one person sees them and smiles, then it is worth it. I hear words of counsel from our church leaders and praying lifts my heart also! xoxo

    1. There are SO MANY GOOD THINGS EVERY SINGLE DAY that we see, that normally we wouldn’t have. So, many many BLESSINGS for sure mom! LOVE YOU!!! XOXO

  2. Yes, it is a true test. We need to trust the experts, do what they ask and surrender the rest.

  3. Where is your pink leopard print top from? I have the Athleta joggers and it looks great with them. Thank you for your uplifting positive message. I live in Oregon and have a beautiful view of the mountains.

    1. Hi Roberta, do you mean the top I’m wearing in the picture? If so, it’s sold out. I got it this passed winter and so sadly it’s gone. The one linked is the closest I could find! I’ve never been to Oregon, but it sounds really BEAUTIFUL! Take care! XO

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