A Twist On The Denim Dress

I love that I’ve found a twist on the denim dress! I think every girl has at least one denim dress in her closet. After all they are practical and easy to style! But….. do you have a MAXI length version, or one with an interesting button placement, and dramatic slits, or a light denim, or one with stripes??? THIS ONE…. is so unique and fun!

I’ve already got ideas how to style it like a kimono for fall. My first idea is with some dark skinny jeans and a white tee, with a bright colored silk scarf and accessories! Wouldn’t that be cute??? What are your ideas on how to wear this denim? What about with some white jeans, nude booties and a neutral lightweight pullover sweater with red (or your favorite color) accessories? It can be styled just like the long cardigans that are everywhere this season!

My shoes here are very vintage…. I mean they have to be close to ten years old. I still love them and they are still adorable! But these here and these here, would both be cute with this denim, worn as I have here as a dress. The possibilities with shoes and this dress are almost endless. Sneakers, booties, or heels.

Below I’ve styled it several ways for you to get a visual of my ideas…

This is my first choice in styling this dress. Wear it open like a kimono or long cardigan. The yellow corduroy jeans are SO DANG CUTE. The light blue graphic tee ties in so well with the dress. I’m so in to my white booties right now, and they are darling with this look!

This jacket is FABULOUS with the navy faux fur collar! It’s great with the dress. I’ve paired it with red earrings and a beautiful scarf! The bag is a gorgeous accent color to the whole outfit, and the snakeskin booties will be a staple ALL YEAR long!

I’ve really dressed things up with this gorgeous ruffled blouse and dark sleek skinny jeans (ON SALE). Again I’ve added some white booties with a little dressier heel, and some fun dangly earrings. The beaded clutch is the icing on the cake!

I think all these looks are super cute! Another way I’d wear this dress as it gets cooler, is with some suede booties and an oversized cropped sweater. Adding a hat with it would really amp things up! Yep…. a twist on the denim dress, and it just got better!!!

Take care friends!

Shauna XO


2 thoughts on “A Twist On The Denim Dress

  1. Can you believe I don’t own a denim dress, hell I even have only one jeans! But it is a good dress! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday link up party.

    1. Nancy NO…. I can’t believe you don’t have one! And ONE pair of jeans….. I would hate for you to see mine!!! I have no idea how many! But GOOD FOR YOU GIRL! XO

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