My Day At Seven Canyons

My day at Seven Canyons golf club golfing with my husband, was magical! This is in Sedona, Arizona and is absolutely STUNNING! The scenery, the ambiance, the service…. it was all TOPS! In fact out of all the activities that we did while we were there, celebrating our one year anniversary, GOLFING was our favorite. It was a great way to see the beauty of Sedona all while doing something we love! I think…. actually I KNOW, that golfing is our favorite thing to do together!

Seven Canyons sits on a beautiful 200 acres, and is surrounded by miles of National Forest. It’s an AWARD WINNING WEISKOPF designed course. If you want to really see Sedona, Seven Canyons is where you want to go….. a premier destination for Sedona golf. It is a one-of-a-kind oasis retreat for golf, social activities, along with a luxury residential community! It has such a relaxed vibe there, and to live there would be awesome!

IF you are ever lucky enough to even think about living there…. you can check that possibility out right here! We talked about this while we were there. It would be SO dreamy! I can’t think of a cooler community to live in! It actually sits outside of downtown Sedona about 20 minutes, so it’s away from all the hustle and bustle of the city center, which both me and my husband loved that about Seven Canyons.

If YOU would like to experience this glorious golf course and community, and be a MEMBER FOR A DAY, check this out here. What a great opportunity to get a little glimpse in to this little piece of heaven.

We really felt pampered while we were there. They really know how to take care of their guests with fresh cold bottled water on the course, AND access to food ANYTIME you need it. You can order from your golf cart, anything on the clubhouse menu, and they will bring it out to you on the course! And let me just say our chicken panini was DELICIOUS! We were treated with the utmost customer service!

While we were in Sedona we went on a Jeep tour as well as a helicopter ride. Golfing by far, was our favorite! Of course being in the helicopter overlooking Sedona was amazing, but being out on the course surrounded by gorgeous red mountains, was the most fun for us! They have this course manicured just like my daddy kept his yard…. PERFECT! It was absolutely gorgeous.

A Look From The Cliffs Above

My day at Seven Canyons golf club was MAGICAL! I….. WE can’t wait to go back! In fact, we have plans in the next couple of months to do so! If you want an awesome experience with your loved ones or friends, THIS golf club won’t disappoint! It was a BEAUTIFUL day!


Shauna XO