How To Break Up An Outfit

I have the perfect pieces to show you HOW TO BREAK UP AN OUTFIT. So many women tell me that they will only wear an outfit ONE WAY. They honestly don’t know how to break it apart and style things other than just the way they originally bought it. Learning how to maximize your clothes is so much more fun than just wearing everything over and over again the same way.

Not only is it more fun, but it’s smarter and more eco-friendly too. There won’t be as much waste when you know how to style something multiple ways! My goal…. is to have a closet that I wear 90% of it, 90% of the time. Is that even possible?? Ha… maybe! Just meaning that most everything in there, I wear often! Sadly, that isn’t the case right now!

My outfit is all from CHICOS. First this blouse IS MY FAVORITE animal print top I’ve ever had. The lines and cut are darling! It is such a great staple for ANY season! You’ll see how cute it fits in to this outfit! I LOVE the way all of these patterns came together in this look! If you like pattern mixing like me, you’ll love this look! The skirt is fabulous together with the animal print!

These snakeskin print pants from Chicos have a pull-on style. They have the easiness of leggings, but look like a regular pant! They are so comfortable and easy to wear! They definitely dress up but super edgy and fun dressed down with a tee! Add a hat and a pop with your earrings and it makes a super cute comfortable outfit!

Lastly this denim jacket. I LOVE all of my denim jackets and have worn them to death! This longer version is a different take on the classic style! I wore mine with a belt because it looked the best that way, and which I’ll probably wear it the most. But pair it with some leggings and wear it open and it would be the perfect jacket to cover your bum! The funky high-top sneakers are the cherry on the top!

I could go on and on in showing you how to break up an outfit! When you can do this with each of the pieces in your closet, you’ll feel so much better knowing that you are getting the MOST OUT OF YOUR CLOSET! Stay tuned in the next weeks for more looks using this top, these pants, and this jacket!

Shauna XO

My EARRINGS in this post are from CHICOS from a year ago.

2 thoughts on “How To Break Up An Outfit

  1. Hi, Shauna,
    Looks like you love Chico’s as much as I do! I get inspired when I see the creative ways you mix up the pieces. I enjoy your blog!

    1. Hi Kathy! THANK YOU!! I do LOVE Chicos, in more than one way! They have been my biggest supporter as far as an influencer goes! They are a SUPER COMPANY, always watching out for women and their needs! XOXO

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