One Year With Him

Lake Powell Utah

ONE YEAR WITH HIM…. and it has been one of the most STRESS-FREE years of my life. I am so lucky to have this guy in my life. I TRUST everything about him, I RESPECT him to no end, I am grateful that daily he tells me I look BEAUTIFUL and I’m SO STINKIN PRETTY…. he makes me gush!

I write this not to make ANYONE out there feel badly about the relationship they may or may not be in. Believe me I’m so sensitive to that, because for years I would look at other women in their marriages and would wish for what they seemed to have. I would wish mostly that I could have TRUST in mine. EVERYONE deserves that!

I would just say to anyone out there looking…. find JOY in today. If you learn to do that, I believe that whether or not you ever find someone to be your partner, you’ll still love life and be happy! It’s like the old saying…. LOVE COMES TO YOU WHEN YOU’RE NOT LOOKING!

But back to him……. we have had such a great year being husband and wife. As we have learned more about each other, what makes each of us tick, it’s an amazing thought to think that tomorrow we will LOVE each other MORE than we do today! We will soon seal our marriage in our temple and are looking forward to that day!

I feel such a responsibility to help women anywhere and everywhere, to know that they are worth it, and worthy to have a HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL MARRIAGE and relationship with their companion. It’s easy to get “used to” bad behavior. Don’t ladies! Don’t allow it!! Be strong and be vocal and ask questions and get answers!

I’m grateful for my journey. I don’t want to ever forget the bad times, because they make me APPRECIATE MORE, WHAT I HAVE TODAY!

Take care sweet friends…. really take care of yourselves!

Shauna XO

P.S. If any of you out there are Gwen…. I’m so sorry I missed answering your comment on THIS blog post. Please forgive me and I hope you are doing better! Much love! XO

My swimsuit is from Lime Ricki.

14 thoughts on “One Year With Him

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you two found each other. I also think its wonderful you recognize and appreciate each day.

    My husband passed on Monday 9/14. We were married 23 yrs & have 2 sons (our 3rd taken). He told us every day he loved us and demonstrated it too. Because while I will miss him but I had the privilege of loving and being loved by him. And just as he got up everyday and made every day special, I will honor him. No regrets, we had a great life and great love.

    Here’s to love.

    1. Hello Susan, I am SO SORRY you lost your wonderful husband! It was just recently too, and you have such a HEALTHY attitude! That’s amazing! My mom lost my dad one year ago, and she too, is at peace and feels his love every day, as I’m sure you do! BLESS you and your sons!!!! I know your husband is VERY close by and watching over you! Blessings!! XO

    2. I’m happy for you that you found that love. I found my partner 28 years ago and he is the best thing even happened to me. I still love him more each day! Enjoy and treasure it!

      1. Nancy…. I’m so happy for you!!! LOVE is a wonderful thing and definitely makes life feel good!!! Thank you for stopping by! XO

  2. Congratulations Shauna and Lorin! I found your blog just surfing through Pinterest. You are an inspiration as you point your gratefulness to GOD. I am 7 yrs married to my soulmate and he too is more than I could ever imagine. I agree when you aren’t looking and enjoying time with the LORD is when Love comes looking. You are beautiful inside and out and your spirit shines through your post. I wish you both all the joy and blessings this world can provide. Please keep on encouraging all us women out there. XO -Mar

    1. Hi Mar…. THANK YOU THANK YOU, for such a lovely comment! I really do believe that none of us should ever get hung-up “looking” for happiness. We have so much around us that can bring us JOY, but we must look, even though we may be going through really hard times! I’m happy you found your soulmate!!!! It feels wonderful, right??? Take care! XO

    1. Hey Monica….. my favorite GOLF places are SWING DISH and LUCKY IN LOVE!!! They have some super cute things! XOXO

  3. My husband of 51 years died last October. As I reflect on my year without him I’m reminded daily of our love and devotion to each other in so many ways. I am so happy for you both, you deserve much happiness.❤️

    1. Hi Deanie…. I am SO SO SORRY for your loss! It must be tremendously hard! I’m so glad you have BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES with him! I’m sure that he is VERY CLOSE BY watching over you being YOUR ANGEL!!!!! XO

  4. I am always happy when people find their perfect pair! It amazes me how love finds each other. Gives me hope for all else.

    1. Cheryl, it really is remarkable how things happen. I do believe whole-heartedly, that it comes when we’re least expecting it! YOU TAKE CARE girlfriend! XO

    1. Sharon….. YES, I truly do fall in LOVE every day! It’s a BEAUTIFUL THING! Thank you for your comment! XO

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