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Just a quick post today……do you think about what you wear to the gym, or to the beach for yoga??? Yes, this was part of that fabulous Chicos vacay I had last week. I actually did yoga on the beach and it was the best yoga EVER! The sounds and the smells and OH…it was heaven!!! I would do yoga every single day if I could do it in that setting!!!! I do have the hardest time getting to yoga here at home! It really was so lovely.

But, back to what you wear to work out in. Do you like to look cute? I sure do! I think it makes me more serious about my workouts! Ha, just kidding! But you see, that the PINK doesn’t stop with my hair. I seem to like it for everything! These leggings are sold out, and actually from several years ago! They were a bit on the pricey side for some, but for me I’m not afraid to spend a bit more for quality! I still love them and have taken good care of them when it comes to laundering, and so they are in great shape still! Remember for your fitness gear, make sure you wash it properly, it REALLY does help it last longer!

Here I have linked some really fun tights, tanks, and sports bras! Always more fun working out when you look CUTE friends!!!!



2 thoughts on “Your Fitness Wear

  1. Oh I love these! You would scream if you saw me walking towards you! I wear these orange quick dry shorts and just what ever’s handy t-shirt to walk the dogs in. There’s a reason why (isn’t there always?), I live in the country and I wear bright colors so no one will run over me or shoot me! Anyway, I just may have to up my game! Those leggings are cute!

  2. My workout clothes aren’t especially cute. I probably should up my game but find I don’t really care that much. My Pilates classes are small (only one other client and the instructor). If I’m not going straight home from class I carry a change of clothes. And those clothes are always cute! 😉

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