FLAMINGOS in Florida!

Whew…..what a week I had last week! I’ve neglected my blog, but I assure you, all the details are on their way! I was invited to go to Fort Myers, Florida to celebrate with CHICOS, their 35th anniversary!!! Of course I said yes, because they always go above and beyond for me!!! It was so AMAZING and INCREDIBLE and so much FUN. I came home absolutely exhausted from all the festivities! I was able to see some old friends, and met some new ones too! Each one of these women teach me and inspire me to do a little bit better! They are doing things in their business I had never thought of or considered before. I’m so truly blessed to be taught by them and to learn and grow from them!! I came home with my cup completely full. It will go down as one of the most pivotal points in my life! I’m so grateful to CHICOS for their love and support!

This picture is from the last night we were together. We all got dressed up, and may I say……we’re definitely NOT AFRAID of being BOLD with COLOR are we??? Chicos motto is WE GO BOLD, and WE sure do!!! I’ll tell you more about it this week!

I chose to wear a short sequined sheath and simple black sandals to our party! It was comfy but a little sassy too! Sequins will always spice up your party look! Below I’ve linked some of my favorites!




6 thoughts on “FLAMINGOS in Florida!

  1. Oh good you were having a great time! I was afraid you were ill or something bad happened! You look great and can’t hardly wait to read all about it!

    1. Ramona….you are very sweet that you missed me!!!! I’ll do really good this week! Thanks for caring!!! XO

  2. I love the boldness of your hair you are,an inspo to me…i wish i had as much fun in my life as you do..keep stylin girl

  3. I have been following you for like forever and I am on a quest to look just like you. (Don’t worry I am sure I will not run into you anywhere). I am currently on a great weight loss program and have lost 15 pounds. I have a personal question and I understand if you would not like to answer it. But How Much do you Weigh! I am 5′ 3″ and feel like if I got down to your weight I would be there. And what size clothes do you wear? Again all too personal but I am simply dying to know!
    Thanks millions!

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