The Power of Red Accessories

I’ve been talking a lot recently about COLOR! As a little girl, I remember having some RED shoes. I felt so PRETTY in them, and loved wearing them around! Red is my mother’s favorite color, and so maybe that’s why I love it as much as I do! If anyone were to ask me, what color of accessory should they buy for an outfit, I would FOR SURE say RED! It’s a happy color, powerful, it makes a statement, and what doesn’t it go with??? Really, if you think about it… goes with all the primary colors, all of the neutrals, it goes with autumn colors….I think it could also goes with pastel colors!

I thought my bright red bag was SO CUTE with this fun Anthropologie dress! It was the perfect accessory to take it up a notch! What do you all think? What is your first color choice when it comes to accessories? Just know that RED will definitely go on forever and be a great choice because of its versatility!

I’ve linked some of my favorite RED accessories and this fun dress! The dress can be worn through the fall with a jacket or sweater over the top! Put it with some booties and you’ll have a really great looking fall look! It’s so comfortable with the elastic waist and fits so well! I LOVE the fun whimsical print….I think so unique! It would also look great with a hat!!! Oh…just think of the possibilities!!!! How would YOUwear it?



6 thoughts on “The Power of Red Accessories

  1. I love red but unfortunately I need to be extremely picky of the shade of red I wear, it has to be a “bluey” red…if that makes sense. I WILL do all kinds of red if it is a shoe or purse, as long as I don’t wear it near my face….if that makes even less sense. Lol

    1. It makes PERFECT sense Cheryl… know exactly what to watch for and that’s VALUABLE info!!! XO

    2. That makes perfect sense Cheryl!!! I’m the same way…. Really with Any color…. Has to have a blue undertone. I think that’s what you’re saying. The right red with that blue undertone ROCKS!!!!

  2. Oh yes, I love a red bag and I got one last year as a statement bag and I love it! It really does make your clothes pop! The red Penelope bag from Longchamp, I love the tone of red it has.

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