You Thought I Loved Color?

Ha….. you thought I loved COLOR until now! I know I talk so much all the time about dressing in COLOR, especially the bright vivid colors! But when you find the CUTEST black jumpsuit that fits you perfectly and has a cute ruffled sleeve….. you suddenly can put your color on hold for a day!

That’s the way I feel about this jumpsuit! You know they’re one of my favorite things to wear, right? This one and the ones I have linked are all made from the lightest weight nylon fabric. It’s like an athletic fabric so suitable for COMFORT!

This one is here! I like that it zips up the back ALL THE WAY, so nothing is hanging out! I love the zipper detail on the legs. I wouldn’t be afraid to wear this with some cute heels to a casual summer wedding, or even to an office…. whenever that will come for you!

Changing up a jumpsuit is done with shoes, accessories, and jackets or sweaters. You could wear a colorful scarf as a belt for this one. It’s a great item to travel with because of the many ways you can change it up. I’ll be going on a couple of road trips coming up, and this would be so comfy for that. I always want to be my most comfortable in the car, but STILL LOOK CUTE!

Here are some cute options I’ve found…

I love any of these jumpsuits with a platform (FLATform) sandal. These are so TRENDY right now! I actually got mine last summer, but these linked here will give you a similar look and they look good with everything….. even skirts and dresses!

So even though you thought I loved COLOR….. I’m willing to set it aside for just a day, so I can rock the cutest athleisure jumpsuit out there!


Shauna XO

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2 thoughts on “You Thought I Loved Color?

  1. Love the shoes and the jumpsuit. Only issue I have is black totally washes me out now that I’m in my 50’s. Have you offered a post on tips about how to wear black next to your face when it’s not so flattering anymore?

    1. Bindi….. I’ll have to do a blog about that. Not that I’m a professional or anything, but I do have some thoughts! XOXO

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