Denim Skirts Are An Essential

Do you have a denim skirt? I think I’ve always had at least one in my closet. Denim skirts are an essential wardrobe item. And it seems that they get better with age….. just like your favorite pair of jeans! And just like jeans, they are easy to style a myriad of ways!

I bought this jean skirt at Anthropologie a couple of months ago. I liked the a-line style and flirty ruffled edge. It was different than ones I’ve had in the past that are more of a pencil skirt style. When it came it was way too long, hitting me at the worst part of my legs. It also had a high-low hem on it which was too extreme for my little body!

I took it to the seamstress and had her rework it. The first time I picked it up it was a mess!! It was not at all what I had asked for, and really done sloppily! I took it back and had them rework it a second time. It was one of those things I should have returned when I first got it, and didn’t because I wanted it to work.

I’m glad I hung in there with it, because I think it turned out great! The hem is more even and the length is the most flattering on me. It’s made of a softer lighter-weight denim which is really better for the climate I live in. It’s obviously sold-out, because it was a while ago that I purchased it. I can put pretty much anything with it…. a tee, a jacket, or a fun silky top. This top was adorable with it!

The length of your denim skirt is personal. At my age (and I wouldn’t anyway) I’m not going to wear a MINI denim style. I actually take that back, because I WOULD wear one over my swim suit! I thought these two examples below looked really classy and suitable for someone my age! I LOVE the idea of the blazer with the cute a-line, ruffled style on the right! It’s similar to the style of mine above!

I’ve linked up TWELVE different denim skirts here. It’s the perfect time to have one…. through the warmer spring and summer months. Nothing looks cuter with a denim skirt than sneakers! But then you can pair it with some classic pumps as pictured above! It might be one of the most versatile things in your closet!

And don’t forget how just a pair of SHOES can change up a denim skirt in a heartbeat!

Do you feel like denim skirts are an essential? I sure do, and extremely versatile! You can take the denim skirt through EVERY season! I’ve got big plans for mine all season long!!!

Shauna XO

I’ve linked similar items to my look!

8 thoughts on “Denim Skirts Are An Essential

    1. It’s the perfect one I swear Dianne! I had it on again today and will post on Sunday! Have an AWESOME week girl! XO

  1. I’ve always loved a denim skirt. It’s nice that many clubs and upscale restaurants have relaxed their dress code to allow classic denim.

    1. Bindi YES for sure! It’s truly a basic and can be worn as dressy as you need! XOXO

  2. Dearest Shauna… I just read your email for this week. You are such an incredibly sweet and beautiful woman. I do think that this time has brought out the snarky, but it has existed for some time. I’ve been a victim of such comments myself. My best comeback was to say that I am entitled to my opinion and to speak it, as they were to theirs… that stopped the attack. At any rate, please continue doing what you do because you are such a blessing to SO many and try to ignore those who are out to cause pain. I always pray for those who do so to me, as you know they have something they need to deal with. Blessings! Renee

    1. Renee…. you are absolutely right. You have to feel so bad for someone that is that upset that they would lash out! Praying for all those who are struggling! Take care sweet friend! XO

  3. Hi Shauna, I just read your email myself. I am sorry that someone felt the need to be hateful and uncaring. I love your blog! I love seeing the pictures of your adorable outfits and love the tips on hair, makeup, skin care, fashion and more! It is fun and very encouraging. As we age, it is nice to know that we too, can be cute, sassy and fun! This is a crazy time we’re living in, but I only hope that people choose kindness instead of hatefulness when they comment. It matters most what is in your heart! Your inner beauty brings out your outer beauty! You just can’t have one without the other!😘💕

    1. Hi Candy THANK YOU! I loved your comment…. especially the part about how inner and outer beauty go HAND IN HAND! XOXO

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