YOU ARE HERE! This is such a fun spot for photographs in Salt Lake! If you’re ever here it’s at 100 South and West Temple. And I seriously didn’t dress to match my backdrop! It all just worked out all on it’s own! No kidding!!!

So these jeans I’m loving! And sweater season is my favorite! Are you liking all the embellished and bedazzled jeans? Do you think they’re too much? Are they more than YOU would wear? If you feel that way, how could you make them work so you look more conservative? If you’re more about fun? Below are my top three choices…

  1. Pair them with a simple white button-up shirt, and a black blazer, and a basic pair of black pumps.
  2. What about just some white Converse tennis shoes and a striped tee and velvet bomber jacket?
  3. And lastly a black tunic sweater and some fabulous gold statement earrings!

I’ll never link anything here on my blog, that I wouldn’t wear. So below are some options for jeans with bedazzled hems, and also my favorite places to shop sweaters of ANY kind. And remember if you’re looking for a sweater to go with those fancy hemmed jeans…you don’t need to do a lot! Less is more in my opinion!

These Jeans  |  Pom-Poms  |  Ruffled  |  Laced Up  |  Flouncy+Shear  |  Fringe Galore

This Sweater  |  Free People Sweaters  |  Anthro Sweaters  |  JCrew Sale  |


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