Sweaters and Bedazzles

These weeks are going by so fast…..can’t believe November is almost here! I took Monday off to take a breather! It’s that time of year when things can start moving so fast as we approach the holidays, and yes they really are just around the corner! Pacing yourself is SO IMPORTANT! I’m not the best at it, but continue to try to be! I make lists, set goals, and TRY to stay focused! All this helps, but it’s always a struggle! There is a quote I often think of, that goes something like this…..

EVERYTHING we do in life is probably for the most part GOOD. But keeping each of those things IN BALANCE is the hard part. Too much of anything that is GOOD, can suddenly become NOT so good!

Isn’t this true??? Since starting my blog, I’ve really, really had to work hard at this very thing. Always keeping a healthy perspective and knowing our priorities is so necessary to be able to somewhat succeed!

And so now on to this sweater and  FABULOUS embellished and bedazzled jeans! When wearing these you won’t need any other accessory. NOPE! Let them have all the attention! I’ll show you more tomorrow. Can you think of at least three ways to wear them??? I can!

Jeans  |  Sweater  |  Leopard Booties  |  Turquoise Rings

Have a GREAT week friends!


One thought on “Sweaters and Bedazzles

  1. What a fabulous outfit. I love red so much I
    could wear it everyday. That sweater and
    those jeans are so fun. I can’t wait to find out how to style it three different ways.
    You are so creative.

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