Vests Instead of Coats

Good morning everyone! We have had the most beautiful fall weather, but here in Utah, it can change literally ANY second. I have never loved packing around a big heavy coat while I’m out and about running errands and such. But I also don’t like to be cold either. I’m getting worse and worse that way…..I hardly will even go skiing anymore! But wearing a vest? It’s such a great option and alternative to a coat. And you can make them as warm as what you pair with them! THIS one, from JCrew is so fun! I’ve wanted a leopard coat for so long, but just haven’t ever found the right one.  A full coat in leopard can just be way too overwhelming on a petite girl. But this can give you that feel without being too much! It’s faux fur, and can be worn with a heavy sweater or a lightweight tee as I’ve done here. It’s so warm and cuddly….I LOVE it!

Here are some other vests I’m loving right now!

Fur Trimmed Hood  |  Velvet  |  Faux Shearling  |  White Faux Fur  |  Red Plaid

Styling yourself when transitioning from season to season with great style can be really tricky! What I like to think about is putting together fall pieces with summer pieces. Like for instance here, faux fur with white Converse. Or say a summery floral dress with a leather jacket and booties. Or maybe a chunky sweater with a light frilly skirt and tall boots. Does that make sense? Just by putting my white sneakers with my outfit here, gives it a fall but not-so-fall look. If I would have put booties with it, (and that would have worked, but this was a warm fall day) it would have given it more of a cold fall day look! Now I know that some of these particulars might not mean anything to you, and I’m not saying it should, but my fashion is something I think about ALL THE TIME, and the transitioning of seasons is the hardest of all to get exactly right.

Below are some examples of mixing summer and fall for the PERFECT look!

  1. Summer Dress + Leather Jacket + Suede Booties
  2. Sweater + Frilly Skirt + Suede Mules
  3. Floral Bomber Jacket + Sweater Dress + Tennies
  4. Knit Trousers + Graphic Tee + Floral Velvet Booties

Do you get what I’m trying to say? Whatever summery piece you want to hurry and wear before it’s too cold, think about pairing it with a heavier fall piece, and you’ll be perfectly balanced!



15 thoughts on “Vests Instead of Coats

  1. Im so happy I found you! I saw you on Good Things Utah one morning. Im 56 and just wanna keep up with the looks and styles. I have 3 grown daughters that keep me in check , but, sometimes I just need another source. You inspire me and i love the clothes. I have recently lost 40lbs. And am still on that journey, I am loving the new sizes and clothes I can wear now.
    Thanks for all the inspired help.

    1. Hi Geri! CONGRATULATIONS on a new healthier YOU!!! What an accomplishment! And thank you for your kind words! Do you live here in Utah? XO

  2. Lovely like always, I never would have thought that a fluffy vest and a striped shirt could look that good together.

    1. Hi Kornelia, THANK YOU so much! Yes a leopard print is PERFECT to mix with stripes!!! Leopard shoes can be fun doing the same thing with!!! You should try it! XO

  3. I love this post! So fun and yes, mixing more summery items to transition is a great idea! I’ve been loving vests with stripes as well and this combo is so fun Shauna! Thanks for all the inspiration ?

  4. Hi Shauna, I found over 50 chic by pure chance during early summer and I’ve been following you since – just love your style & enthusiasm! I’m 63 and your styles have given me a new sense of dressing, adding more vibrant colour and accessories. I’ve adapted my always short, fine hair similar to yours (I took the plunge to let my grey come through last year!)and I now get very positive comments. Long may you continue to inspire!
    Joanne, Cheshire, England xxx

    1. Hi Joan! What a nice comment! THANK YOU!! I love that you’re trying new things and embracing your silver hair!!! And now don’t those compliments feel good??? You’re life has just begun!!! XO

  5. Thanks Shauna…I’m starting to think outside the box! You’ve given me a lot of inspiration!

  6. I am obsessed with your blog! I live in Louisiana, so layering lighter weight clothes with something a bit heavier is a must. I too have that spunky, fun hairstyle and almost the same color…working on that with my hair stylist, yes it is a process! Looking forward to your coming posts!

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