Tunics Yay or Nay

Talking tunics today. How do you feel about them? I just posted these pics on Instagram the passed couple of days. Most of the comments have been positive, but there have been a couple negative. I guess out of 135 comments or so, having just a couple “nays” is a good percentage??! I was considering this for a while. When I first saw it, I said “no way, too much, I’m too short!” But you know when you see something on someone else and then reconsider your first impression? Do you do that? Well I saw one of my fashionista Chicago friends in it, paired with some very destroyed denim and a hat, and she looked AMAZING! I loved the way it all looked together. So, I had to at least give it a try! I chose to wear dark gray leggings with it, and my over-the-knee suede boots. This way there was no extra bulk underneath the tunic, and I’m so short it looked more like a dress. It was so so SO comfortable! I really like the way it all looked. I’ll try it with skinny jeans next, and even a belt. With the sweater being a bit bulky, and very loose, AND WHITE, it might not be the perfect choice for a petite girl. But remember, it ALWAYS depends…….on what’s being put with it! What do you think? I’m saying more and more, I just want to be comfortable, and this definitely IS! Tunics can be a really fun way to dress for the middle-aged woman, who may have gotten a bit thicker around the middle. It happens, even if your thin. I have weighed the same for years and years and years, but have definitely noticed things changing!!!

Here are some other tunics that I’m loving right now! Wear them with leggings, skinny jeans, flared pants or even belted with the palazzo pant! On the Target velvet tunic, I would use it as a layering piece under a jacket or a long sleeved shirt underneath or even a turtleneck.

Tunic Dress  |  Floral Fave  |  Plaid  |  Simple Basic  |  Target Velvet  |  Sweater

MY TUNIC  |  Velvet Leggings  |  Spanx Leggings  |  Infinity Scarves  |  Hat

 Lipstick  |  All That Glitters Eye Shadow  |  Blush Orgasm  |  Foundation

Have a GREAT week friends!!!


21 thoughts on “Tunics Yay or Nay

  1. Love your style. YAY for tunics! AND love the floppy hat. You are a definite trend setter. Thank you!

  2. The tunic looks great on you! I love the Tunic dress you picked it has such pretty colors! Thanks for putting your makeup on this post! I was going to ask you to do an eye makeup post. I would like to see what other MAC shadows you use.

    1. Hi Kim, thank you for the feedback! I’ll make sure to post more about my makeup. I know it’s a big interest to all of you, but honestly…..it’s pretty simple!!! XO

  3. YOU are adorable! Naysayers, hmmm, think they’re talking about themselves, not you!

    Rock on with your Tiny Trendsetter self! You’re positive and inspiring, Miss Shauna,


  4. Shauna you are my inspiration. Thank so r being so sweet. I am small too. Goodness comes in small packages.

  5. I always think you look good, you put your look together in a thoughtful way. However, I think tunics, and particularly a bulky sweater tunic, arevnot the best on you … and why waste any time not looking your best?

    1. Hi Carra, thank you for your comment. Even though you don’t care for this look, I appreciate your input! I’ll try it with a belt next and we’ll see if that changes your mind?! 🙂

  6. I love this look! I’m 5’2″ so I look to you for outfit suggestions. I also love that you include links to items. Thank you for being a positive role model for me, and so many others, who are embracing our age!

    1. THANK YOU Peggy! I’m glad that the links are helpful to you! And age IS JUST a number!!! XO

  7. It looks great! I’m a new reader and love your blog and style. So glad I found you. Once I stopped following the “rules” I feel like I am much more comfortable in my style and get many more compliments than in the past. Some may not get it but who cares. I’m 5’1″ and curvy with some pounds I could lose (plus the dreaded mid age belly) and I adore oversized and long items, not to hide but because I love the shapes and proportions.

  8. Hello Tania, I really appreciate your comment! I use “rules” just as a guideline!!! Feeling comfortable in your own skin and style is the best gift!!!! Confidence can make a world of difference in how you come across!!!! Best wishes! XO

  9. I’m firmly in the ‘Yay’ camp when it comes to tunis BUT I’m a stickler when it comes to choosing ones that fit right for one’s body type and proportions. I think most women can wear most things but to get the most flattering effect, it’s worth being selective.


    1. Hi Deb!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by! Yes….this is VERY good advice!!! I remember when I first bought a petite size, and noticed such a big difference in the way it fit compared to a regular size. Proportion IS key! This tunic actually looked better belted, which brought in all the boxiness. I’m going to style it that way and post to show the difference! XO

  10. I love everything you waering, from head to toe;) I think a colorful scarve looks amazing with a beige or white sweater or tunic..

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