Women’s Crush Wednesday

It’s Women’s Crush Wednesday,

an Instagram # that I usually don’t participate in.

But how can I not, when I have a picture this beautiful taken by @goirishphotog !!!

Last month when I was working over in LA,

I had the most incredible time with these women!

The really young one on the right……a millennial @thegildedbellini fit right in!

The support of beautiful friends, regardless of any age barriers or differences,

has become invaluable to me.

I learned every single day I was with them, something that gave me strength!

And even after I came home,

they have continued to reach out to me in a personal way,

just to check in, to say hello, or to share a laugh!

How I appreciate their kindness and friendship!!

I’m so looking forward to working with them again very very soon!


4 thoughts on “Women’s Crush Wednesday

  1. Love all your posts? you are continuing the conversation that helps empower all of us!
    Peace and love…

    1. Kendra….thank you very much for stopping in! Yes, we absolutely have to keep the conversation going!!! Peace and love back! xo

  2. You are such an inspiration in so many ways, Shauna! I love how you treasure & prioritize your friendships and work buddies. You all look glorious!!

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