Meet Beth Briggs

I want you all to meet Beth Briggs.

She is the most talented illustrator, and drew this for me…I absolutely love it! She’s just learning along with the rest of us 50+ year olds, that her life is just beginning! I hope that one day  we’ll get a chance to meet!  This is a little bit about her, in her own words……

They say that what you love doing most before the age of ten is the best indicator of what your life’s passion will be….I have been illustrating beautiful brides, fashionable ladies, flowers, pets, pretty outfits and dreamy locations since I could first hold a crayon!

I received a BA in Studio Art/Art History from Wellesley College in 1986 and headed to New York with the hopes of becoming a Fashion Illustrator. Alas, those were the days of MTV and all things digital and no one was interested in illustration anymore! So my journey continued in a different direction. I eventually become a mom to three kids and my passion for illustration stayed mostly a hobby until 2014 when, upon turning 50, I began to share daily “Fashion Stories” (illustrated collages featuring fashionable characters) on Instagram. That journey lead me back to New York City where I create custom illustrations, original paintings and clip art collections featuring fashion, pets and, of course, flowers!

After two fast paced, amazing years in Manhattan my journey will lead me to south Florida this spring where I will be able to paint full time. This is a dream come true for me as I look forward to running a successful online business along with live fashion sketching and teaching gigs. Vision boards really work!

I absolutely love to illustrate “real women”, especially fashion bloggers….Life begins at 50!



Instagram: @bethbriggsillustration