You CAN Wear RED Lips!

You CAN wear RED lips!

It’s NOT too bold, you CAN find the right shade, and it can be YOUR color!

I ran across this great article from the Huffington Post, titled

6 Makeup Tips That Prove Anyone Can Wear Red Lipstick

As you may be able to tell,

I LOVE my red lipstick!!

I wear mostly a very bright and punchy shade,

either this one by MAC, or this one by Bobbi Brown!

There’s a RED for EVERY girl… matter your skin color!

If you’ve never worn a bold red lip you should try… makes you feel SO empowered!

And lipstick is practically my FAVORITE thing to shop for!


8 thoughts on “You CAN Wear RED Lips!

  1. I always thought I could only wear shades of pink. But last year I got brave and found an amazing Coral that I love. Still working on finding the perfect red tough. Peace! Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl!!! I know you can find your RED!!! The best advice I could give, is to go to a makeup counter in a department store, and try on many shades with the help of a sales associate. Also, if you bought one and then changed your mind, you would be able to return it! Good luck…..and THANK YOU for your comment!!! xo

  2. This is a bold little post that is very encouraging, especially since you look so good in that lipstick! Oh, and to CherylTucker: I used to use a coral lipstick as my red, just like I use a denim and black lace jacket as my jean jacket and the colors charcoal, pewter, navy and cocoa as my black (thanks to the color blog 😉 Angie,

    1. Hello Angie….it sounds like you know exactly what you’re doing!!!!! There are many variations of a RED lippie! 🙂

  3. I am a fair blonde . Was told I was a Spring many moons ago and look best in corals etc. I can’t seem to find the right red.

  4. I am a fair blonde and was told many moons ago that I was a Spring which means I look best in corals. I can’t find anything and when I do go to a makeup counter, they don’t seem to know much more than me.

    1. Well Nancy……I could find you a RED in a matter of minutes!!! Did you read the article? Did that help? What about the two that I have linked here in my post? I think the Bobbi Brown one would work great based on your coloring! XO

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