Why Black on Black is SO CHIC

Feeling SO CHIC!

I’ve often wondered why women LOVE to wear all black ALL THE TIME. I do realize that black can be very slimming. And wearing black can make dressing very easy. And black can look so CHIC! Yes….it can look SO CHIC! I don’t often wear black on black, because I love color SO MUCH! When I’m out shopping I’m always drawn to the colorful things, the things with lots of print and pattern. In fact oftentimes I’ll go to my closet to find something black or something solid, and it can be a hard find! But when I want to look super CHIC…..black comes to mind first! Because IT LOOKS SO CHIC!

Putting together an ALL BLACK look doesn’t and SHOULDN’T be boring! There are ways to make it interesting with texture and even a subtle pattern. Take your look up a notch with accessories. Here in MY look, I’m only wearing my standard silver hoops and a simple ring. That’s it! Oh….and my HAT! That’s all I needed to feel fabulous!

Here are my FAVORITE looks all in black, for you to SHOP or to be inspired by. Be creative and have fun and BE CHIC!!!!

So there you have it! LOTS of ways to BE CHIC wearing BLACK on BLACK! Remember to NOT be BORING. I’ve mixed velvet, silk, denim, fur, studs and rhinestones for texture! Every now and then I’ve added a bit of color to add some interest. And ALWAYS…..wear bright colored lipstick. THIS one is my NEW FAVORITE!!!!!!!!! The color is called RETROGRADE!!!!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Why Black on Black is SO CHIC

  1. Polar opposites lol! My closet is all dark colors in the winter but more brighter colors in the summer. Still, dark items in the summer but much lighter weight. BUT gone now is the black, thanks to the addition of Timber our extremely hairy Golden Retriever. Hahahaha. Love the outfit, right up my alley.

  2. I absolutely love the black on black look! SO CHIC!!!!! I just have to ask where you found those jeans? So cute! You are always such a fun inspiration and I look forward to your posts!!!! ❤️

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