My New Favorite Lip Color & My Makeup Routine

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop for makeup and especially LIP COLORS! My makeup routine is definitely one that I like to change up every now and then. I’m never afraid to ask women about what they’re wearing….brand, color, and where they got it! It’s important I think to take note of new products and even trends! You never know when you’re going to find your NEW FAVORITE product!!!!!

This liquid lipstick is new for me. I’ve never been able to find the right formula that feels good on my lips! I’ve bought and returned several liquid formulas! This one though, FINALLY feels good!!!! And the color I LOVE! It definitely stays on, and doesn’t feel weird! I like the colors RETROGRADE and BUZZED OUT! Both are so good!!!!!


I love the CHANEL quad eyeshadows because you don’t have to mess with wondering what goes together, and I love the convenience they are when traveling!!!!! I always use a primer, it makes all the difference in keeping your shadow fresh! My blush is usually the same, and called Orgasm. I’ve been using this foundation forever. They recently changed the formula to one that’s EVEN BETTER! Recently I changed to just using an eyebrow gel. It looks more natural than penciling in I think. And finally my lashes are falsies and right here!!!!!!

This is a great time of year to go through your makeup arsenal and throw out the old, and perhaps try something new!!!!! Next time you’re at your local mall or department store, stop by the makeup counter for some fun! That’s where I’m headed this afternoon!!!

Shauna XO

5 thoughts on “My New Favorite Lip Color & My Makeup Routine

  1. Loved the lipstick on you. Looks moist and shiny. I received my Mac lip color and it is flat. Are you putting a gloss over yours?

  2. Precious Fashionista Pixie!

    This picture of you is FABOO! Love your lipstick and sweater! A sight for sore eyes
    on a dreary cold Winter’s day! Love, love, love your style! HAPPY and Bright!

  3. Hey, when I click on the primer it goes to an eye shadow @ Nordstrom not a primer. Love to know what primer you use. Great picture as always.

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