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If you’re like me, when stress sets in it’s sometimes hard to figure out WHAT TO WEAR WHEN! Even being a fashionista, I sometimes get in a real funk as to what I should wear! And during the holidays, even though our gatherings will be either none or much less than normal, it’s still worth every thought it takes to dress for whatever or wherever you’ll be going! So… that’s what this blog is, is a reference for some outfit inspo!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I was privileged to have a few of my grandkids over. My little girls have always loved going in to my closet and trying on my shoes and hats, playing with my bags and jewelry. But this time they went all out and gave us an impromptu fashion show! It was SO FUN to watch them come out one by one, in outfits that they put together themselves! I had to take pics because these were all their own and ideas I’d never thought of….. and they were FABULOUS!

I’m sure we’re all shopping our closets much more than we ever have. I know I am, and it’s actually been a great way to rediscover those fabulous pieces that we had perhaps forgotten about? This is why when I buy something, or when I’m coaching other women, I ask myself how I can wear something at least three ways! If you are buying things that fit you properly and are the right color, they will go on and on for years!

I have ideas here for a stay at home Christmas with just whoever is under your roof. Another idea for a casual lunch with a girlfriend. I have a look for a fun Saturday outdoor date with your husband. Remember, that they really do appreciate it when you dress up in something fun and special JUST FOR THEM…… they really do notice! And then another idea to wear while you are out and about doing some festive shopping!


This is SO PERFECT for a day at home when you want to be comfortable and still look CHIC! This top and matching bottom are a gorgeous cashmere blend. I would just do a little half tuck on the top if it feels too long. Add some furry slippers/shoes and simple jewelry! You’ll feel good and look comfy all day long!!!


IF….. I were meeting a friend for a holiday lunch, I would want to wear something special but NOT over-the-top! And…. I would want to be comfortable! This cute velvet tunic dress (on sale) with some OTK boots and sassy coat is the perfect look! The coat is very affordable, the tunic dress can be worn as a dress with opaque tights OR as a belted top with your jeans and either this hat or a cute beanie! I thought the solid pink scarf was a great little touch to pull it together!


Your husband will LOVE this sporty but very GIRLY look! I’ve paired a very basic pair of leggings and top with a beautiful champagne shimmery jacket! The furry scarf finishes it all off! I LOVE these boots (I have similar). They don’t look like they would be comfy, but they truly are, and you’ll get all the height you crave!


What I love about this look is first, when you’re out and about, in and out of the car, etc. you need a coat, but sometimes a full coat is just too much to deal with. Wear a faux fur vest! It seriously is the perfect solution! I loved the flared jeans, COMFY boots, and a statement sweater! I LOVE this Aztec print…. very much on trend!

I hope that these will help you when you seem to be stuck on what to wear when! I’ve even got some new ideas for myself!!!!! Enjoy this most WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR….. it really is! WE really need the uplift and MAGICAL VIBES!

Shauna XO

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