What Is Colorblocking Style?

I got this dress a month or so ago, and love it for many reasons! What is COLORBLOCKING style? It definitely is VERY simple and VERY chic! I love the colorblocking in this dress, but then also the cut….easy and comfy for summer! It sold out right after I got it, so sadly it’s not available anymore!

If you’re not sure what COLORBLOCKING is, this article I thought was really good!

I searched and searched for some other alternatives for some colorblocked dresses. Remember you can also do this with separates. For example a solid red skirt, with a solid pink top. Add a third solid color in to the mix with your shoes, or a bag, or some fabulous accessories! It will always work, and sometimes it will make things much less complicated when putting something together to wear!


This is a very short blog I know, but just wanted to share my ideas of what COLORBLOCKING style means to me! This would be such a great way to pack for a vacation. Just pack solids….can you imagine how easy it would be too dress?

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “What Is Colorblocking Style?

    1. Hi Monica…how sweet of you to say, THANK YOU!!!!! Wishing you a HAPPY week! XO

  1. I think anything you wear is beautiful. You are small and everything fits as it should. About the jump suits, I love them, however, you have to “undress” to go to the bathroom and as a female with diabetes that would become an all day affair. So much trouble. Thanks for this week’s blog. Have a wonderful trip. Be safe!

  2. Where did you get the patterned jeans you have on with the red top and silver sneakers at the beginning of
    the blog post? Love the look.

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