Jumpsuits Can Be So Versatile

Do you really think that jumpsuits can be versatile? You would probably say no they are NOT versatile at all. But if you use your creativity, I think YES they can be very versatile! So how would you change one up to make it look different?

Mine that I’m wearing here, is obviously an all-in-one kind. It’s also a very, very budget-friendly kind too! I still have the option with accessories and shoes to change it up! And if you think about throwing a sweater over the top of a jumpsuit, either a cardigan or pullover type, this will almost make it look like pants. I would pick one like any of these below. And always ALWAYS you can add your denim jacket. But honestly you can change up the look of a jumpsuit so fast just by your choice of shoes!

It would be fair to say that most jumpsuits are sleeveless and bare shouldered. I don’t wear mine that way, I like to be more covered up. But remember you can wear a tee-shirt underneath, either short sleeved or long. I love this jumpsuit here, a bit bare, but I would just add my tee or a simple top underneath and it’s just as fashionable! My idea is below. The top is lightweight enough that it would all tuck in nicely to the jumpsuit!

THIS very dressy and girly version of a jumpsuit is SO PRETTY! It would be so fun to wear to a garden wedding or out on a date! This simple top doesn’t take anything away from the pretty jumpsuit. I would just add some neutral accessories and then a contrasting bag just adds a fun touch to the whole look!

I LOVE jumpsuits so much in fact, that I’m taking this top and these pants, along with this belt on vacation next week and wearing it to look like a jumpsuit! Talk about versatile packing!!!!!! It looks really classy! I’ll be able to wear each piece separately which will give me more choices while I’m away! And remember that jumpsuits CAN be so versatile!


Hope you all have a great and safe week!!!!!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Jumpsuits Can Be So Versatile

  1. Love the look of your jumpsuit. Is it size small? I know you are not tall. Also the scarf belted is so pretty. Can you tell me where you got it.

  2. Hi Judy, yes a S. The scarf I’ve had for over 20 years from VERSACE. I’ve worn it every way possible! Scarves are such a fun accessory!!!!!!! Have a great day! XO

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