Hush Puppies Are Back

Do you remember back in the day…..when there were Hush Puppies? Well, Hush Puppies are back! And back in a fabulous way! The brand Hush Puppies brings back warm nostalgic memories for me! I was reintroduced to them and now the proud owner of these metallic numbers! My jeans are here!

These are called the POWER WALKERS! They are available now in limited colors…and wait until you see the colors! SO FUN! I’m IN LOVE with my metallic pair! These are the kind of shoes that YOU can wear ALL DAY LONG, and your feet will be SO HAPPY for it! They have BounceTM technology built in, so a little rebound affect after every single step! I have a feeling that my MAMA would LOVE these!

I see these shoes being styled so many ways, and I plan to do just that. Below are some of the ways I can think of, to wear these COMFY CHIC shoes! How would you wear them? Which color would you pick? I chose the metallic because they are a neutral. I always love updating my metallic shoes, and when they are sneakers…..all the more fabulous!!!

BY THE WAY…hover over the picture and click, and it will take you to the item!


This skirt is so stinking cute for summer! Easy and breezy and easily worn a bit more dressed up, just add a higher heel! Put with a graphic tee, jean jacket, and sassy accessories and THIS would be my #1 look!


Ok…these pants are FANTASTIC! Dress them down with your Hush Puppies! Wear a basic tee and some glitzy earrings and so good for ANYTIME! But what about this darling bag!!!! Cute, right?


This dress is coming with me to my far-away vacay coming up really soon! Isn’t it the best? I would wear the scarf like a belt with this dress! A cute hat and lemon beaded earrings is all you need….besides your metallic Hush Puppies!


Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “Hush Puppies Are Back

    1. Hi Kate, I just know that THESE are SO COMFY… “grandpa” shoes!!!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Angela! The tee was from JCrew just a couple months back. I LOVE their tees! Have a great week! XO

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