Why I Like My Babe Lashes

Hmmmm…Ice Cream OR Babe Lash?

This blog is about WHY I LIKE MY BABE LASHES! I’ve definitely been on a journey as far as my EYELASHES go. Early on, when I very first started my blog, someone reached out to me about eyelash extensions. They wanted me to come in and try them, which I was extremely hesitant! I had heard about all the upkeep associated with them. I always thought they looked fantastic, but didn’t want to get caught up in having to go in every 2-3 weeks to get them filled.

I was immediately hooked! After about a year or so, I went in one day to get my fill, and afterwards I couldn’t open my one eye!!! It felt like there was sharp glass inside and I literally had to drive myself (with one eye) to the eye doctor!!!!! He was able to help me, after removing a piece of GLUE which had gotten under my lid. HORRIFYING! I began rethinking my habit of eyelash extensions!

I found someone different to go to, and really loved this girl. I actually did a blog with her. I continued with her until she moved away and started up at another location. After a LONG time, maybe 2+ years, I felt my lashes needed a break. So I let them slowly come off, and started my journey with falsies! I LOVED them! Were they hard learning how to put them on? For a minute. After that I was hooked. I thought they looked so pretty! I could remove them at night and RUB MY EYES….the one bad thing about extensions.

The lashes I LOVE are these. They are perfect for every day. I wear them for about five times before I throw them out. I’m very careful after each, by carefully cleaning them off and putting them back in the container. By taking care of them this way, you can really get some great use out of them, and they still look GREAT! These lashes here are a little on the expensive side but OH SO FAB! I use these for special occasions!! Again….IF you TAKE CARE of them, you can get a lot of use out of them.

But let’s get back to my Babe Lashes! My lashes haven’t ever been healthier! I use this serum every single night, at the base of both my top and bottom lashes. This promotes growth and makes them longer and thicker. It seriously WORKS! If you’re willing to put this on EVERY NIGHT….I promise your lashes will grow! I LOVE it! I use the serum every night and in the morning I use the conditioner. The conditioner will help to strengthen and hydrate your lashes! But then there’s all the other stuff too! The mascara is FAB. This is the FIBER RICH formula which is awesome too!!!!!

And now you know why I like my Babe Lashes! So…..it seems like such a very small effort to make, in order to achieve LONG, HEALTHY, and LUSH LASHES! And I LOVE having the option of only wearing mascara, OR getting my falsies out!

The sweater I have on in this pic is vintage Anthro. I love wearing short-sleeved sweaters through the spring and summer, as well as a layering piece for cooler weather! Hope you like my picks!!!!!!

WISHING YOU ALL A HAPPY WEEKEND! I’m so excited to spend it with my little people!!!!!

Shauna XO

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    1. Helena, NO I don’t have eyelash extensions anymore. I use the serum that has made my LASHES GROW!!! It’s AWESOME! XO

  1. I use the Rodan and Fields Enhancements Lash Boost and my Lashes grew so long they touched my eyebrows I get ask a lot if I have falls Eyelashes. I just love it. I’m happy for you and you’r new Love.I can tell you are just glowing

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