What Do You Want To Know About Me?

Today I’m asking you, “What do you want to know about me?” One of the hardest things about being a “public figure” is people tend to want to know more about my personal life than I let out there. I’ve never been one to let a lot of people in to my personal life, which seems sort of ironic especially now that I’m in the business of being a public person.

My kids have never loved me sharing them on my social platforms, and so I respect that. My husband is more generous, but still doesn’t love to be out there as much as I’d like him to! He’s pretty good for special occasions, such as Christmas, or our anniversary, etc. Our anniversary is coming up, so I’m sure there will be an awesome post and picture of our 2nd year anniversary!!! Can’t believe that!

So today I’m asking you…… WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ME? Is there something you’ve wondered about that you’d like to know, or something I haven’t expounded on as much as you’d like? I get the most questions about my HAIR and my WORKOUT ROUTINE. These seem to be what people are most curious about. There’s also a lot of curiosity regarding my divorce after 39 years of marriage.

Remember though, that I have a YouTube video on how I STYLE MY HAIR right here. I made this a couple of years ago and it’s still pretty much how I style it. I’ve been using this new paste, which I sort of trade off back and forth with the others that I talk about in the video. You could say that I’m a product junkie, and so I’m always trying new things. When I put pink in my hair, I’m using this and this. They are both temporary and will wash right out.

The other question is my WORKOUT. If you go to my blog, you will see categories along the right side…..


If you click on FITNESS & HEALTH, you will find all of the blogs I’ve written about my fitness routine. The key I feel to my fitness and health is that I’M CONSISTENT!!!! I rarely miss a workout, even if I have an early morning. I will set my alarm clock as early as 4:45 to get some kind of a workout in. It’s THAT IMPORTANT to me!

My divorce is a looooong story. I’ve been very private about that, but feel like enough time has passed, that I can share a little bit about that time in my life. So outside of these things…… what other questions do you have for me? What would you like to know? I’m happy to share, but sometimes it just takes a question for me to go there!

Hope you are all well! I sure do appreciate all of your support! My blog is my lifeline, literally! If it wasn’t for it…. my life would be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT at this point! Love you all!

Shauna XO

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40 thoughts on “What Do You Want To Know About Me?

  1. How did you start your business and how would you recommend starting it today if you being w fashion influencer ? I am considering a career change and very private person and you seem very authentic ! Love following you !

    1. Hello Stephanie….. mine started just by chance. If this is what you want to do, you just have to just jump in and start doing! You have to be real, authentic, engaging, and passionate. It’s not easy. It takes LOTS of time. I work full-time at it, plus have an assistant that works for me as well. You are never caught up, you are always behind, and you have to keep up in order for you to be successful. There’s ALWAYS more to learn as an influencer. The passion part is what will keep you moving forward. Does that answer your question? Let me know! Thanks so much! XO

    1. Hi Janet…… yes all of the clothes I model are mine to keep. I do for the most part keep them, unless there are duplicates of something. If there are I take them to an awesome consignment store in Salt Lake called Namedroppers. As you can imagine my CLOSETS are exploding. I love to share them with others, such as my granddaughters or daughter-in-laws!! It brings me the greatest JOY to see them wearing them!!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!! Hope to see you again soon! XO

  2. I love all of your posts from the workouts and diet to the stylish clothes .. just all of it !! ♥️ You always look so beautiful so full of life !! That’s what I admire about you . I came across your picture on Pinterest I was looking for some styling ideas and you popped up and there you were it was the picture of you sitting in the library with your head down and I thought this lady looks so beautiful and I love her look. ♥️ I just want to say thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with all us looking for a little bit of inspiration in are daily lives and I hope to look as beautiful as you do when I’m 61 yrs YOUNG!! XO XO 🌹♥️

    1. Lisa! WOW!!! Thank you for such a beautiful note! It’s amazing to me at how many people find me on Pinterest. I’m happy that you did!!! I’m so lucky to be able to do what I do. I’ve had the blessing of meeting all of you out there and wish only that we could all get together for a party!!!!! Take care and come back soon! XO

  3. I love all of your posts from the workouts and diet to the stylish clothes .. just all of it !! ♥️ You always look so beautiful so full of life !! That’s what I admire about you . I came across your picture on Pinterest I was looking for some styling ideas and you popped up and there you were it was the picture of you sitting in the library with your head down and I thought this lady looks so beautiful and I love her look. ♥️ I just want to say thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with all us looking for a little bit of inspiration in are daily lives and I hope to look as beautiful as you do when I’m 61 yrs YOUNG!! XO XO 🌹♥️

      1. Thank you for being an inspiration. How do you stay positive when things are not going well? Also what are you thoughts on “starting over ” when you’re close to 60? Again thank you. You are a bright spot that I look forward to every Sunday .

    1. Lisa….. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You are very sweet!! I really do have such an amazing job, to be able to connect with women everywhere across the globe! I hope you are well and come back again soon! XOXO

  4. Hi Shauna! I ADORE you! Your energy just BEAMS off the screen & you ARE SOO POLISHED in an approachable casual kind of way.

    Here are my questions (Part one)

    Is there anything you want to do & haven’t done?

    What brand have you never represented that you would like to represent?

    What would you put in your dream reel? And where would you be?

    Do you ever feel burdened? Feeling pressure to post?

    1. Harriet….. you may be my biggest fan! THANK YOU!!

      I would LOVE to be in a BIG TIME MAJOR FASHION SHOW! I think that would be A-MAZZZING! Like at NYFW or something like that!

      I would love to represent Anthropologie. I’ve always been a fan, but they are very hard to get collaborations with. I actually had them once reach out to me for some advice!!!!! That was pretty cool!!!

      I would be in Santorini, Greece with my husband! I LOVED it there, but it was too short! We only got one day there sadly. It’s a photographer’s dream! I was a photographer before blogging, and so for me, being there with my big camera and some amazing outfits would be so much fun!

      YES….. I feel stress all the time. Not burdened though. I LOVE what I do, but there are major timelines I have to follow. When I get off-track, and behind…. THAT’S when I feel the stress along with a big fat migraine! Thank heavens I have an assistant who handles SO MUCH FOR ME!

      THANK YOU for your questions girl! XO

      1. OK, WOW! LOVE the responses.

        1. BIG TIME Fashion Show: IT WILL HAPPEN, I can SEE IT! When it does, I want to be front row quietly cheering you on, because jumping up and down while doing the wave is not the done thing at those shows.

        2. Anthropologie: In the UK, they would say “CHEEKY BASTARDS” 😉 Now that said, the good news is there is still time for them to come to their senses.

        3. Santorini: Allow me to present an out of the box idea, a collaboration with this fabulous Greek young lady (young by our standards, but at least out of college), who is a travel Influencer, IG handle: @anna.myrha. She recently did several posts, sponsored by various resorts etc in Santorini, including a ball at a Palace. A collab would be so out of the box. You could add a 40ish influencer and make it a “woman’s life journey”. Just a flight of fantasy. I know that you have a brand image and that sort of thing might not fit!

        4. GLAD you have a GREAT assistant, (I did; but she left because she had a baby. Happy for her truly, but MISS her in more ways than one!)

        I can see that you take care of yourself and have a well balanced life with a great husband, including your relaxation hobby of golf (which I personally find mind-bending). However, PLEASE remember to GO EASY on yourself. Since you have labeled me your #1 fan, which I consider an HONOR, allow me to speak on behalf of all of us. If you miss a post, or a story, we WILL STILL ADORE YOU!

        PS You tell anyone that tries to take my title, of #1 FAN, that they better be prepared for a knock-down drag out jello fight, or a dual with wet noodles. LOL! However, if they are worthy I will share the title. 😉

        1. Harriet…… YOU are such fun here! I may have to hire you as my “agent”!!!! The fashion show, Santorini, would definitely be something to look forward to! I feel like I’m pretty easy on myself. My greatest competitor is definitely MYSELF. I have the mindset to DO MY BEST EVERY SINGLE DAY! I want to achieve, I want to grow, I want to go to bed at night tired from a good days work. This is both of my parents in me all the way! I LOVE them for instilling these values in me! I really appreciate your sweet support and kind words! You are too kind and VERY SWEET! Thank you sweet friend! Tell me again where are you located? XO

        1. Terri….. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. I’m close to someone that is having a really really really hard time with something. Names and details held privately, for them! But….. I’ve watched the process and compared it a lot to MYSELF. How would I handle this? How would my mother handle this? LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Life is meant to have these hurdles of growth that we must get through. We WILL go through hard things but they will ALL BE WORTH IT! I totally believe that. But when you do the best you can every day with the cards you’ve been dealt….. it will bring you SO MUCH PEACE OF MIND! Seriously! I had days and days when I would cry, but while I was crying I was working out, or at my computer, doing something that kept my mind off of my reality. I was NOT one that would go out a lot, and say serve others, or whatever. I was the one that would STAY IN and distance myself. I would NOT recommend that to anyone! But it was how I DEALT with my stuff, and that’s ok. Everyone has their own way! So……. long story short, you must have something to divert your attention. If you’re home not doing anything, you’ll think about it A LOT, TOO MUCH, and then it will become overwhelming really fast! I HOPE this has helped you? Please let me know! And thank you so much Terri, for your question!!!!! XOXOXO

  5. I just went bold and – thanks to your inspiration – got a short haircut like yours! I see the blog with the hair products (and ordered them), but could you post a video of you actually styling your hair? I watched the stylist do it today, but not sure I could replicate. Also, I am thinking of going platinum, as well! Would love to send you my “before” and “after” pic thus far and see what you think. I am 63 and don’t think my natural brown with gray hair is very pretty, so I have been coloring golden brown, but love the white hair look and big eyes and bold lips!

    1. Hello Laura! Are you LOVING your pixie?!! I LOVE that you did something different!!!! I have a YouTube video, linked below that shows how I style it. When I very first started going gray around the edges, I bleached my hair completely out and had it that way for a couple of years until it was WHITE enough on its own. Now I don’t do anything to it. I’ve always thought it was striking to see a more mature woman with WHITE or PLATINUM hair! Thank you for your question!!!! XO


      1. I too, went to a platinum pixie, and love it! I find it bold, stylish, and easy to style. Now , I need some inspiration on fitness. I’m small framed, 115Ibs, but have a terrible time staying committed long term. I do treadmill, free weights, yoga and then nothing.

        1. Hey Marsha! I love getting a NEW PIXIE SISTER!!!! I’m so happy you LOVE it! The commitment for me comes from the way exercise makes me feel! I just can’t give that up, and so it motivates me to get at it the next day! I would go CRAZY if I missed too many days of working out. I’ve only recently let that happen. When I’m traveling I’ll miss several days in a row, and by the time I’m home I can’t wait to get to my routine! Consistency is key, and even if it’s just a walk around the block….. IT COUNTS!!!! GOOD LUCK and let me know! XO

          1. I am a new follower! Just found you! I’m 56 and have short hair but a very conservative job. Love your hair – do you ever do it without the faux hawk? Also, please give a tutorial on your makeup! So perfect and appropriate! Thanks for your blog!

  6. How long were you in the first marriage before you realized it wasn’t going to work? Do you have any relationship with ex? Do your children? I can’t imagine you having a marriage that didn’t work. You are such a wonderful, gracious, beautiful human being! I gotta say I feel intrusive. But this may be my only time to squelch my curiosity.

    1. Hi Cheryl….. no questions are off limits here, so you are fine! I was bothered by things very early on, like the first two years. But I was talked out of my worries and then that sort of thing just continued throughout. After the first few years, there was no trust and it’s very hard to thrive in a marriage without trust. I don’t have any relationship with him. I have three sons and wouldn’t want to really say what their relationship is like with him. I don’t talk to them about their dad and only focus on my relationship with each of them.

      And…. you are very sweet. I guess it always takes two to cause a marriage to deteriorate. I definitely was learning along the way as I was married way too early (19). I wouldn’t advise that to anyone. I was young and naive and just wanted my marriage and family to work how I thought it should. But I definitely didn’t have the many issues that he had, that ultimately led to the end.


  7. Regarding your answers to Cheryl’s question:

    Some variation of these questions was on my Part Two list, so I was GLAD to see that Cheryl had asked them. Couldn’t have worded them better myself, and true to your personality your answers were SOO THOUGHTFUL.

    However, I have a couple follow-up questions, what was the straw that broke the camel’s back? Was there a specific event that caused you to take the big step?

    Dare I ask what caused the trust to break down so early on? Looking back is there anything you think could have been done to repair it? I think we all make mistakes, so what advice would you give?

    1. The FINAL DECISION came to me when I knew I could take care of myself. Having never worked before, and getting married so early, I didn’t know how I would do that. Also would there be a DECENT guy out there to eventually marry. I didn’t want to be as young as I was, and not ever be married again. So when I knew I had a thriving business, and had already been approached by my husband’s daughter telling me how awesome her dad was, I FINALLY got the courage to leave. Oh…. and there was also “ANOTHER” issue going on as well.

      The trust broke down because there was lying and deceit going on all the time. When that happens you become suspicious, fearful, scared, and it’s nearly impossible to repair. TRUST in a marriage is EVERYTHING!!!!!!

      I would tell any woman out there that if she sees that kind of behavior going on…. CONFRONT IT. You can’t ignore it NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT HURTS. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT! If you ignore it, THEY will catch on and continue with their games. He could ALWAYS talk me out of my fears….. ALWAYS. These people are MASTER MANIPULATORS!!!!

  8. I’d have to disagree with it taking 2 to cause a marriage to deteriorate. I had a front row seat with my sisters marriage demise. It only took one a**hole! I’m happy you have a blessed life now. God is good. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Cheryl yes I know all about A**HOLES!!!! LOL! It definitely was his behaviors that caused it. I guess there is always a better way to handle it than perhaps how I did? Idk. I would hate for anyone to think that I was perfect in the marriage. I was for sure supportive, hopeful, TRYING, PRAYING, and deeply desired for it to be successful!!!! He definitely wasn’t that. XO

  9. My question is a little off from the others. I am 62 and have been playing around with different skin care and makeup. I have decided that less is more at this stage, but you always look very fresh and glowy. I would love your skin care routine and favorite makeup, especially if you use a tinted moisterizer or light base. My skin is dry and I know your texture may be different, but most blogs on YouTube address “mature skin” with 40 year olds. 😉
    I have followed you for years and always enjoy your entries. I also appreciate your style. So many of my friends feel like once you are past 55 or 60 your whole wardrobe has to change. I’m not saying that 60 is the new 40 or 50, but it is definitely not the 60 my grandmother was.😊

    1. Debra YES…… the whole changing your wardrobe thing is NUTS!!!! I do believe though that with age and the way my body has changed…. can sort of dictates what I’m wearing. What I mean is, I’m camouflaging things that I’ve never had to worry about. That DOES NOT MEAN that I’m wearing frumpy clothes. That will NEVER be the case! There’s no reason to LOOK like what people think someone your age should look like. WEAR WHAT YOU LOVE, and WEAR AND STYLE IT IN GOOD TASTE! If you do this, you will ALWAYS LOOK AMAZING!

    2. Oh and I almost forgot the skin! The best thing for my skin has been that I’m super consistent with how I take care of it. I NEVER EVER miss cleansing and moisturizing it. I’ve done this since I was an early teen. Regardless of what you use, and I’ve used a lot of different products, doing something is key! I’m now using the SeroVital line and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It has a retinol cream that is gentle enough to use EVERY DAY! I know I need to do a video of my regimen, and I will here very soon! I do wear a foundation (hydrating formula) that I LOVE. I’ve linked it here and it’s worth every penny!


      I use color 30Beige

  10. First, I must say I am intrigued by your beauty and style! Your hair, your figure, the clothes. You are definitely unique, not cookie cutter and I love that. I just started following you and would love to know: Have you always worked out? Have you ever had a weight challenge? Do you avoid certain foods? What is your daily workout routine? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What is your age? You are absolutely stunning, so recognizable and memorable!

    1. Patricia how kind of you to say all this. THANK YOU!! I’ve ALWAYS worked out, since my early teens! I work out six days a week and do an hour of low-impact cardio, and then have a weight routine 3 days a week that takes 30 min or so. I am 5’1.5″ and weigh between 115 and 118. I’ve never really had a weight challenge. I have definitely noticed however, that it’s harder to maintain my fitness level the older I get!! Oh…. and I’m 61. XOXOXO

  11. I’m a little late to the party – but how wonderful to be able to ask you some questions! I love your up-beat, sunny and practical presence on social media. I saw recently on insta you have been living in a new location for the last 2 years. I am thinking about moving towns and worry about no longer being close to my loved ones. Does your family live in the same town as you? If not, how many hours away do they live and is it hard being far from them?

    1. Hey! Not too late at all! It is scary moving away from everything you know, and ESPECIALLY FAMILY! All of mine are about 4 hours from me. But I live in an area that just happens to be a very popular destination for everyone up north (where my family lives). A lot of people have second homes here. So my kids and grandkids actually come down a lot to stay with us. I almost see them as much now as I did when I lived much closer. The hardest part is missing out on the day-to-day stuff like sports games, etc. I HOPE that helps? Best wishes to you and THANK YOU! XO

  12. Hey there,
    I am 57 years old , fit, and active…. and have decided to get a mini facelift. I feel awful for asking this, but have you had any “work” done? You can tell me to buzz off if this is too personal!

    1. Hi Ruth! No I’ve never had a facelift done, but possibly in the future? When I turned fifty I had a little bit of work done on my eyes, but that’s all I’ve ever done. Thanks for stopping by! XO

  13. Hi Shauna,
    Love your blog as well as your style which is outstanding and in no way frumpy! Any suggestions on how someone our age can start from complete scratch to rejuvenate themselves? Everything from weight to personal habits to personal style? No boring you with details,!but starting from zero is overwhelming and I appreciate any feedback/advice you care to share.

    1. Bea….. I’m famous for saying, BABY STEPS! Looking at everything all at once will be discouraging for sure. Change one thing at a time, and then another, and another. If it’s diet, start there. Eat 250 fewer calories, or drink more water, etc. If it’s exercise, start with a 20 min walk and increase it to 30 the next week. If it’s 3 days a week, increase it to 4. If it’s fashion, clean out all the bad stuff in your closet. Or wear something outside of your box one day a week. BABY STEPS count. They really do. By the end of one month you’ll be on your way and feeling so good about yourself! Also, I would encourage you to WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN. That helps so much in getting yourself to MOVE FORWARD!!!!! Best wishes….. I hope this helped! XO

      1. Thank you fir the great advice-I’ll keep track of my progress so I have something to reflect on later. 🙂

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