What Do You Move For?

What do you MOVE for? Seriously…..what do you MOVE for? The older (more mature) I get, the more MOVING becomes a necessity! I had a great grandfather who was always moving, and he lived a very long and healthy life. My dad is the same way. Even in the midst of some serious health concerns, he still finds the time and energy to take a walk every day! I want to be just like him! There is no question in my mind, that MOVING keeps you feeling young!

 I MOVE for my health! And these @easyspiritofficial RED SUEDE mules are ADORABLE to do that in, ALL DAY LONG! And you’ll look FABULOUS doin’ your movin’!!! I’m telling you friends, every girl should have a pair! It’s not just the color…it’s the COMFORT too! Slide in, slide out in STYLE and give your shoe collection a little SASS!!!

Do you guys get really tired feet walking around in your high shoes too much? I LOVE so much my high shoes, but can only wear them for a few hours at a time. I’ve had issues with my feet for a long time (titanium implants in my toes) and so I have to be very conscientious about my shoes and how long I wear them. But these? These are so CUTE, and stylish, and ever so trending right now! And they come in SIX of the cutest colors! I want one of each!

Here is a link!

If you want HAPPY FEET…..then these are for you!


4 thoughts on “What Do You Move For?

  1. So right about “keeping it moving”. I have longevity on both sides of my family and they were all quite active. There was definitely a mentality of “use it or loose it”. I so love the driving moc styled shoe. I live in them.

    1. Hi Cheryl…..it’s true!!! MOVE it or LOSE it!!!! These shoes are so cute…..did you see all the colors they come in? Makes me HAPPY! Have a great day! XO

  2. My favorite color combo! Love red shoes! (Well love shoes PERIOD!!!)
    I try to walk 1/2 hour a day and then do some strengthening exercises. I sleep and feel better if I do

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